Update 1.6.1: List of Changes

Main Changes

Multinational Vehicles

  • Players can change the nation of some Premium vehicles. These include well-known captured vehicles, vehicles supplied under Lend-Lease, and vehicles representative of historical and cultural heritage — such as the Polish T-34-85 Rudy.
  • The feature allows players to complete missions with national restrictions. Upon changing the vehicle's nation, players can use the Crews, equipment, and consumables of the corresponding nation. A player's configuration of the vehicle for another nation (Crew, mounted equipment) can be saved, and the operation of switching between nations is free. The legendary T-34-85 Rudy is the first multinational vehicle and players can switch between the U.S.S.R. and Poland.

Changes to Ranked Battles

  • Changed the qualification logic: Added Bonus Battles for the number of Chevrons according to the qualification results.
  • Made some balance changes to the system of role experience.
  • Implemented bonuses to Combat XP and Bonds for high performance upon passing the qualification.


  • Added new styles available for Gold in the Exterior interface:
    • The School Series (American School, Soviet School, etc.): One style per nation.
    • Ranger: A universal 2D style for all nations for all vehicle types.

Fixed Issues

  • The Operation: Object 279 (e) Campaign mission Union-6. Don't Stop Me Now is updated.
  • The Commander's voiceover in Frontline mode is fixed.
  • Removed the button (X) of switching the movement/shooting modes in postmortem.
  • The Situational Awareness effect is correctly displayed in the vehicle comparison interface.
  • Distinguished Service medal display is fixed.
  • The Artillery Strike impact area display when playing in autoreloader vehicles in Frontline mode is fixed.
  • The mismatch of the number of Base capture points in the battle performance badge and in the Battle Results is fixed.
  • Fixed the issue where base capture time did not update after leaving the zone and then driving back into it.
  • Fixed the issue of the hull lock not working for tank destroyers after playing a wheeled vehicle in Frontline mode.
  • Added detailed descriptions for Combat Reserves in the window displayed via right-click.
  • Considerably decreased client hanging when researching vehicles and modules.
  • Vehicles for special modes are no longer displayed as appropriate for completing Missions.

Known Issues

  • Players can re-train Crew members to special vehicles currently not available in the game.
  • There is no protection from spam-clicking on the minimap.
  • Vehicle type icons in the extended vehicle panels do not change their color dynamically, when selecting the Colorblind mode in battle.
  • The order of events for received damage is sometimes mixed up in the damage log.
  • The text of Mission conditions is not displayed in the congratulation window, provided that the required vehicle type is specified in the Mission conditions.
  • The client cannot be maximized to the full-screen mode, provided that the player is having a Skype call.
  • The vehicle tiers in the screen displayed upon pressing TAB are not centered relative to the vehicle icons.
  • When a vehicle hits the ground without damaging modules, the sound of taking damage is played.
  • Shaking aiming circle in the 16x and 25x magnifications in the Siege Mode during the Frontline battles.
  • The reticle indicator remains on the SPG after switching to the Artillery mode, if a vehicle partially intersects the red line.
  • Events at the end of the battle are not synchronized with the text of the battle result.
  • In some cases, automatic repair/replenishment of ammo and consumables after a battle does not take place, when the amount of credits on the account is sufficient.
  • In some cases, fallen trees fall through the terrain.
  • The consumables are not replenished from the Depot, if the player does not have enough credits for a complete automatic ammunition resupply.
  • Notifications about crediting WoT Premium Account compensation for server downtime are missing in some cases.
  • When previewing a bundle in the Store, the compensation value for a rented vehicle is displayed.
  • The Battle Results are missing information about deducting Bonds in case of automatic resupply of Directives.
  • In some cases, when playing in Platoon and changing the map blacklist, it is not updated.
  • Vehicles take damage when ramming into stationary objects on the map (a tree, rock, or house) after falling from a small height.
  • The Ranked Battles award class for Seasonal Crusade and Citius, Altius, Fortius! are displayed inappropriately on the Portal.