Update 1.2: List of Changes

List of Changes

1. Main Changes:

Changes to Personal Missions:

  • The third operation (Object 279 early) of the new campaign is available:
    • Added three new mission types to be completed within a certain number of battles; otherwise, progress is reset. The three mission types are as follows:
      • Accumulative: Achieve a certain value by a specified parameter; mission lasts until the player fulfills the set of conditions or runs out of attempts.
      • Series: Complete the set condition within several battles; the number of attempts is bigger than the number of required completions.
      • Continuous: Require fulfilling the set condition in every battle of the series; a failed attempt interrupts the series.
    • A Pause button (in the operation’s mission profiles) allows suspending a mission; during this time progress is not lost and preserved until the player continues.
  • Reward Screen Improvements:
    • Displays cumulative conditions in the operation profile according to the common interface of such missions.
    • Displays missions with interchangeable conditions properly ("OR")
  • Improved the mission profile by removing the Cancel button.

2. Maps:

Maps Reworked in HD:

  • Empire's Border (for Tier IV-X vehicles; available in Standard, Encounter, and Assault modes)
  • Widepark (for Tier IV-VI vehicles; available in Standard mode)
  • Highway (for Tier IV-X vehicles, available in Standard mode)

Map Balance Changes:

  • Overlord
  • Paris
  • Redshire
  • Ruinberg
  • Sand River

Improved multiple objects on maps.

One of the terrain changes on Mines was rolled back to the state of Update 1.0.2.

3. Changes to the Exterior interface:

  • Customization window is changed
  • The interface is resizable depending on the screen resolution
  • Improved interaction with the radial menu
  • Added Tajikistan and Turkmenistan flag Emblems

4. Clan-Related Changes:

  • All players who belong to a clan get a style applicable to a vehicle of any nation (the all-season style changes depending on the map type); the style is added to the player’s account when they join a clan and removed when the they leave the clan.
  • The Stronghold option was replaced with the Clans option for non-clan players; also changed the option content.
  • The Clan screen now provides information about clans and their advantages and a list of clan players can join without application approval (immediately after clicking the button).
  • Players can now create a clan for Credits (instead of Gold); creating a clan costs 1,000,000 Credits.
  • The cooldown period for joining a new clan after leaving one is now 24 hours (was previously 48)

5. Known Issues:

  • The vehicle panel does not get locked upon confirming readiness in Special Battles.
  • Players can re-train crew members to special vehicles not currently available in the game.
  • No protection from spam-clicking on the minimap.
  • When selecting the colorblind mode in battle, vehicle type icons in the extended vehicle panels do not change color dynamically.
  • Free Crew retraining to vehicles of the same type is disabled.
  • When a player destroys a vehicle by overturning it, it is not counted toward the total number of vehicles the player destroyed.
  • The recruiter's Recruiting Office does not display the recruits and reservists they invited if the recruiter's account is restored to a state, preceding the moment when recruits accepted the invitation.
  • The base-capture badge can display prematurely — even before the indicated number of points has been accumulated.
  • In the damage log, the order of events for received damage is sometimes mixed up.
  • Mission conditions text is not displayed in the congratulations window — provided the required vehicle type is specified in the mission conditions.
  • When a spotted enemy vehicle is stunned, it is no longer visible; if the stunned player uses a First Aid Kit, while still unspotted, the stun indicator is still displayed above the vehicle to enemies when spotted again.
  • If the player has not enabled the "Show in Postmortem mode vehicle that destroyed your vehicle" option, the log disappears when a vehicle is destroyed.
  • The amount damage done by a vehicle-destroying shot is not displayed in the log.
  • Tier V vehicles do not get elite status if the following Tier VI vehicle is purchased by a token earned in Bootcamp.
  • The currently selected shell type is not displayed during the countdown.
  • The home screen of the Ranked Battles does not display the player's position in the League.
  • Dynamic characteristics do not appear in equipment infotips.
  • Tank destroyers with Siege mode can drive onto steeper slopes as compared to other vehicles.
  • The client cannot be maximized to the full-screen mode while the player is having a Skype call.
  • When players press the TAB key, the vehicle Tiers displayed onscreen are not centered relative to the vehicle icons.
  • When a vehicle hits the ground without damaging modules it makes the sound of taking damage.
  • Some vehicle surfaces have duplicated emblems.

6. Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fixed the issue when the sound and effect of taking damage did not occur.
  • Fixed the Mismatch in the descriptions of Personal Missions (for Platoons) in battle (upon pressing TAB), Battle Results, and the congratulations window.
  • Improved the track display on the Object 279 (e)
  • If no time limit to recover a vehicle, "Unlimited" now appears in the text of the vehicle profile in the Depot.
  • Dynamic technical characteristics now display the effect of "Bread with Smalec".
  • A previously applied emblem can now be replaced.
  • When purchasing a rental style for Credits, players are no longer transferred to the Gold purchase window.
  • In the case of some tank destroyers and SPGs, paint is now applied to the entire vehicle when “Paint the Whole Vehicle” is clicked.
  • Fixed the issue of the vehicle profile in the recovery window displaying an incorrect cost, without a coefficient.
  • Fixed the issue of missions that require earning Epic Medals and Battle Hero achievements not considering Stark's Medal.

7. Added a Vehicle:

  • The U.S.S.R. IS-3A (T) heavy tank for Supertest players

8. Added the following vehicles to the Premium Shop:

9. Improved the technical characteristics to the following Premium vehicles with Preferential Matchmaking:

  • KV-5:
    • Aim time decreased from 2.86 to 2.3 s
    • Dispersion decreased from 0.43 to 0.4
    • Reverse speed increased from 11 to 14 km/h
    • AP shell penetration increased from 167 to 186 mm
    • Frontal Commander's cupola armor increased from 150 to 190 mm
    • Frontal Radio Operator's cupola armor increased from 140-150 to 160-170 mm
    • Frontal turret armor increased from 180 to 190 mm
    • Engine transmission compartment frontal plate armor increased from 140 to 180 mm
  • IS-6 / IS-6 Black:
    • Aim time decreased from 3.4 to 2.8 s
    • Ammo rack capacity increased from 30 to 37 shells
    • Dispersion decreased from 0.46 to 0.44 m
    • AP shell penetration increased from 175 to 186 mm
    • APCR shell penetration increased from 217 to 225 mm
    • Turret armor on each side of the gun mantlet increased from 150 to 170-190 mm
    • Upper glacis plate and its bilge plates armor increased from 100 to 110 mm
    • Driver's hatch thickness increased from 110 to 120 mm
  • FCM 50 t:
    • Reload time decreased from 7.5 to 6.8 s
    • Gun depression angle increased from -8° to -10°
    • Engine replaced; engine power increased from 1,000 to 1,250 hp
    • Specific power increased from 18.4 to 23.0 hp/t
  • 112:
    • AP shell penetration increased from 175 to 186 mm
    • HEAT shell velocity increased from 640 to 720 m/s
    • Reload time decreased from 13.2 to 12.6 s
    • Dispersion decreased from 0.46 to 0.44
    • Aim time decreased from 3.4 to 3 s
  • WZ-111 / WZ-111 Alpine Tiger:
    • AP shell penetration increased from 175 to 186 mm
    • HEAT shell velocity increased from 640 to 720 m/s
    • Dispersion decreased from 0.44 to 0.42
    • Aim time decreased from 3 to 2.8 s
  • M6A2E1:
    • AP shell penetration increased from 198 to 204 mm
    • Turret traverse dispersion decreased from 0.18 to 0.16 m
    • Traverse speed increased from 24° to 28°
    • Turret ring frontal, turret top, Commander's cupola, and turret sides frontal part armor increased
    • Turret ring and fenders armor increased from 25 to 41 mm
    • Dispersion decreased from 0.42 to 0.40 m
    • Aiming time decreased from 2.29 to 2.10 s
    • Reverse speed increased from 10 to 14 km/h
    • Vehicle durability increased 1,500 to 1,550 HP
  • T-34-3:
    • Gun depression front angle increased from -5° to -6.5; rear angle increased from -4 to -4.5
    • AP shell penetration increased from 175 to 186 mm
    • HEAT shell velocity increased from 640 to 720 m/s
    • Gun dispersion decreased from 0.46 m to 0.44
    • Dispersion during movement and on hull traverse decreased from 0.18 to 0.16
  • Type 59:
    • Engine replaced; engine power increased from 520 to 650 hp
    • Specific power increased from 14.4 to 18.1 hp/t
    • Aim time decreased from 2.3 to 2 s
    • Reload time increased from 8.7 to 8.4 s
    • Improved turret front and gun mantlet armor from 200 to 240-250 mm; also improved armor of the side parts of the upper/lower glacis plates and projections on the hull sides under the turret.
    • Turret traverse dispersion decreased from 0.12 to 0.1 m
    • AP shell penetration increased from 181 to 185 mm
  • T26E4 SuperPershing:
    • Engine power increased from 500 to 610 hp
    • Specific power increased from 9.9 to 12.1 hp/t
    • Reload time decreased from 8.2 to 8.0 s
    • AP shell penetration increased from 192 to 202 mm
    • Gun dispersion during movement and on hull traverse decreased from 0.24 to 0.22 m
    • Turret traverse dispersion decreased from 0.16 to 0.12 m
    • Transition from turret front to turret sides armor increased from 76.2 to 101.6 mm
    • Turret front above the gun mantlet armor increased from 101.6 to 127 mm
    • Ledge on the turret top armor increased from 101.6 to 127 mm
    • Commander's cupola top armor increased from 76.2 to 88.9 mm
    • Commander's cupola bottom armor increased from 76.2 to 114.3 mm
    • Turret top front armor increased from 25.4 to 41.3 mm
    • The canvas of the gun’s hydraulic cylinders/compensators was added to the collision model as a 25.4 mm thick screen.
  • 8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger:
    • Gun and AP shell were replaced
    • AP shell penetration increased from 203 to 212 mm
    • Vehicle durability increased from 1,300 to 1,500 HP
    • Reverse speed increased from 12 to 16 km/h
    • Aim Time decreased from 2 to 1.8 s
    • Traverse Speed increased from 26 to 32 deg/s
    • Reload time decreased from 5.4 to 5.1 s