New Features for Update 9.15

Personal Missions

Personal Missions are an excellent way to accumulate Credits, female Crew members, unique tanks and much more! Plus, they can challenge you to reach new goals.

Update 9.15 will bring improvements to many of these chains of missions, based on our analysis of completion stats and your feedback. 

Vehicle Filters in the Garage

Tank collectors will be happy to hear that one of the new features will be more Garage filters for your vehicles. You'll be able to filter your vehicles by class, tier, nation and even the vehicles that still have their first victory bonus for the day. Spend less time searching for vehicles, and more time in battle!

Aiming Improvements

You'll be able to change your aim display from a dotted circle to a solid circle in the Settings. Regardless of which display you choose, the maximum zoom is increased from x16 to x25, plus a display to show you how zoomed in you are.

Server Ping in the Garage

Find out your ping from the Garage, so you can choose the best server connection.

Ping: Your PC's response time to a request. In other words, it’s the time it takes a packet to go from your PC to another PC and back.

Ping will only appear when opening the login screen, choosing a server or leaving a battle.

End-of-Battle Notification

One of the skills our experienced tankers have learned is to pay attention to the battle countdown. But sometimes, you get lost in the chase and don't even realize that the match is coming to an end.

Update 9.15 introduces end-of-battle notifications, so you'll be better prepared and can make better last-minute decisions in battle. One notification will appear reminding you when there are less than two minutes left in the fight, and another will be a countdown during the last 20 seconds. This will help in your strategy when capturing the base, so you know how many allies you need in the enemy base to achieve victory!

Proving Grounds Improvements

Teams in Proving Grounds will increase to 15 bots and players, with only one player being the minimum to form a team and seven as the maximum.