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The Chieftain's Hatch: The Australian War Memorial

As always on ANZAC Day, a nod to our Antipodean brothers in arms.

Update to Server Issues

Get three days of Premium and 15 Personal Reserves!

Be the “Lone Wolf” for a Shot at 500 Gold

Brooding antiheroes who prefer to “work alone” are encouraged to apply!

Light Tanks Revision: China

A breakdown of changes coming to the Chinese LT branch, with more details on top-tier newcomers.

Weekend Specials: Krupp-Steyr & x3 XP Bonus important

Master a new batch of tanks for “Ace Tanker” emblems!

Update 9.18: All-Round SPG Revision

Discover changes to the stun mechanic and its effects, and more.

Update 9.18 Is Here

Jump in to check out the improved matchmaker, new SPG mechanics, and new and revised light tanks.

“Oh, Behave”

The benefits of good conduct as revealed in our latest player behavior update.

Platooning For Prizes

Attention Platoons: Here’s a chance to win Premium vehicles!

Platoons Clash for up to 600 Gold

Platournaments return to tier V for three contests!

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