Update 1.12: List of Changes

Main Changes

Steel Hunter 2021

  • Internal modules were added to all vehicles: turret ring and observation device (except for the Arlequin, which has no observation device in its starting configuration).
  • Players can now stay in battle and watch it to the end, even if their vehicle is destroyed.
  • Information about damage caused and the final vehicle tier was added to Battle Results.
  • Steel Hunter mode will support the standard replay recording function.
  • Changes to Technical Characteristics:
    • Varyag and Walküre
      • Improved the armor of all researchable hulls and turrets
      • Increased the HP pool of all researchable hulls and turrets
      • Increased the penetration values ​​of all guns at Tier VII
    • Raven
      • Improved the armor of the M48A5 var. 6 turret
      • Improved the armor of the T26E4M hull
    • Harbinger Mk. IV
      • Improved the armor of the FV4202 Series turret
      • Improved the armor of the Chieftain Mk. 6 hull
      • Decreased the HP pool of all researchable hulls and turrets

Ranked Battles 2020–2021: Final Season

  • The Performance Engraving for Dog Tags was added. The Engraving level depends on the player's performance during the best Season, in which the player qualified for a League, of Ranked Battles for the current year.
  • Support for Battle Pass in Ranked Battles was added.

Battle Pass 2021

List of changes compared to last year:

  • The Battle Pass Progression now includes three Chapters with an equal number of Stages.
  • The Improved Pass can be purchased separately for each Chapter for Gold, and for all Chapters at once for real money with a discount in the game client or Premium Shop. Any number of Stages can be purchased for Gold throughout the event.
  • Players can now earn Progression Points in Random Battles, Ranked Battles, Steel Hunter, Frontline, and by completing daily missions.
  • The main rewards for each Chapter will be a crew member whose nation and qualification can be selected and a progressive style that has several progression levels. The levels differ by the number of applied elements. Players can choose which of the three styles to improve during the Chapter.
  • Now players can select a nation for Crew Books and blueprint fragments which are received as rewards for completed Stages.
  • Battle Pass Tokens (a currency for completing certain Stages) have been introduced. During the year, accumulated Tokens can be exchanged for special rewards in the "Items for Tokens" section of the Store. The list of items will include unique vehicles, Bonds, and Personal Reserves that provide a bonus to Credits.

Exchange of Blueprint Fragments

Soon after the update release, the option to exchange national and universal fragments for valuable in-game items will be added to the game for a limited time:

  • Exchange of these fragments will be available in the "Best" tab of the Store.

Improved Track Visualization

Track visualization was improved at the Maximum and Ultra graphics quality for vehicles equipped with a hydropneumatic suspension.

New Functions Inspired by Popular Game Modifications

  • Vehicle markers on the score panel can now be grouped by tier.
  • Special icons were added in the player list interface to indicate which vehicles have already been spotted and which are still fighting unseen.
  • Players will receive the results of the previous battle during the current one. It will be displayed with a short summary in the chat area.
  • Default zoom multiplier: When switching to Sniper mode upon pressing Shift, the camera will snap to the preset zoom level.
  • Added sound notification about vehicle destruction. The sound is played when:
    • An enemy tank gets destroyed by an allied tank
    • An enemy tank gets destroyed by an enemy tank
    • An enemy tank dies because of suicide.In the battle interface, a counter for the total amount of hit points of each team was added

Changes to the Technical Characteristics of the Following Vehicles


  • STG and STG Guard
    • Decreased the dispersion during movement and on hull traverse by 9%
    • Changed the reload time from 14 to 13 s
    • Changed the engine power from 400 to 450 hp
  • T-22 medium
    • Changed the reload time from 8.1 to 7.5 s
    • Changed the aiming time from 2.4 to 2.1 s
    • Changed the turret traverse speed from 30 to 40 deg / s


  • T26E4 SuperPershing (as well as the FL version)
    • Decreased the dispersion during movement and on hull traverse by 18%
    • Changed the turret traverse speed from 24 to 30 deg / s
    • Changed the engine power from 610 to 720 hp


  • T-34-3
    • Changed the dispersion from 0.44 to 0.42 m
    • Changed the aiming time from 2.9 to 2.5 s
    • Changed the vehicle durability from 1,300 to 1,400 HP


  • STA-2
    • Changed the gun dispersion from 0.37 to 0.35 m
    • Changed the aiming time from 2.1 to 1.9 s
    • Changed the view range from 380 to 400 m


  • Bisonte C45
    • Improved the gun depression angle on the vehicle rear to -6 degrees

Known issues

  • In some cases, the sequence of events in the damage log is distorted.
  • The client cannot be maximized to full-screen mode while the player is in a Skype call.
  • In some cases, falling trees fall through the terrain.
  • Consumables are not replenished from the Depot if the player does not have enough Credits for a complete automatic ammunition resupply.
  • Upon the successful completion of the Alliance-14 mission during the Chimera Operation, the failed mission icon is displayed after the battle.
  • The Battle Results screen is missing an entry about the completion of the last mission in a series.
  • When shooting at the ground from a distance of over 500 m, the hit effect is displayed next to the vehicle that made the shot.
  • When mounting the Experimental Optics equipment, the view range value is rounded down.
  • The conditions of Personal Missions are not displayed upon pressing N in Grand Battles.
  • When using the "Driving to position!" command on a pre-battle marker, the chat does not display the corresponding message.
  • In the Exterior menu, the model of the current vehicle is replaced with the one that has returned from battle.
  • On the Normandie map in Frontline mode, some Swedish tank destroyers may spawn on their side.
  • In the team panel, vehicle names are displayed with different fonts.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed the issue when the game client sometimes froze while purchasing a style in the Exterior menu.
  • Fixed the issue when the game client sometimes froze while viewing a reward style for Holiday Ops 2021.
  • Improved the descriptions of some unavailable missions in Ranked Battles.
  • In the Confirm Sale menu in the Depot, one in-game item is now selected by default.
  • When rewinding a replay, color artifacts (due to communication commands used by players) are no longer displayed on the screen.
  • Fixed the issue when the intro music was played twice while loading a map.
  • Fixed the issue when the progression bar was not filled while purchasing a large number of Battle Pass Stages.
  • Fixed the issue when some of the minimap functions did not work in Ranked Battles.
  • Fixed the issue when an incorrect square of a set minimap marker was displayed in the team chat.
  • The numbers for Frontline Stages are now displayed in Roman numerals.