Testing Stalingrad

A test reworking the Stalingrad map (v.1) started on February 26. Below are the changes.

  • Several distinctive combat zones are formed for quick and maneuverable vehicles, and also for slow and heavily armored vehicles. 
  • Additional ways of cross-control between the combat zones (that were unclear before) are created (e.g. open areas exposed to fire).
  • The look of the map will change. Snow should appear separate from buildings and terrain. Unnecessary heaps of debris in the streets that block the movement of vehicles are being removed. Fewer objects appear in the main play zones, indirectly affecting FPS.
  • The map was made smaller, increasing the FPS rate. This way, players will be able to use simpler tactics. It will also intensify combat, form more distinct combat zones, and remove the labyrinth structure of the map.

This is the first stage of the map test. Its future will be determined after the analysis of the statistical data and feedback from Supertest participants.

Reworking Sacred Valley