Vehicle Stats in 9.15

New Display of Vehicle Stats

 In Development
Updated: May 6  


See Tank Stats in a Whole New Way

In 9.15, you'll be able to select how to view vehicle stats in the game settings. You can select the previous format if you wish, or you could use the new one. Just open the game settings and check/uncheck "Display Simple Technical Characteristics in Garage."

Simple Technical Characteristics organizes the advanced vehicle stats in five groups: firepower, survivability, mobility, oncealment and recon. See below for more details:

Gun and aiming parameters:

  • Standard shell damage
  • Standard shell penetration
  • Rate of fire
  • Gun reload time
  • Gun traverse speed
  • Gun elevation/depression angles
  • Aiming time
  • Dispersion at 100m
  • Average damage per minute
  • And more

Describes the vehicle's survivability in battle:

  • Hit points
  • Hull armor
  • Turret armor

Describes the vehicle's mobility:

  • Weight/load limit
  • Engine power
  • Specific power (engine power/weight ratio)
  • Speed limit
  • Traverse speed

New characteristic describing how effective the vehicle is in concealment:

  • Concealment of a motionless vehicle (before and after a shot)
  • Concealment of a moving vehicle (before and after a shot)

Describes how effective the vehicle is at spotting enemies for the team.

  • View range
  • Signal range

Each group of technical characteristics has values indicating their effectiveness.

Find Out How Varying Factors Affect Tank Stats

Dynamic technical characteristics change depending on mounted equipment, the level of a certain Crew member's skill, consumables, etc., and you'll be able to see how these change a tank's stats. For example, once all Crew members are fully trained in the "Brothers-in-Arms" Perk, you'll be able to see the effect it has.

Pop-up tips for modules, equipment and consumables will also change, providing information about each module or piece of equipment and how the vehicle's stats will change after using them. This can help you make more informative decisions about what to mount on your tanks!  Plus, changes to tips for shells will also help you understand each shell's armor-piercing cababilities at a distance.

Discover Which Tank to Research Next

In Update 9.15, you'll be able to view vehicles before purchasing them with the new "preview mode." See their stats, plus how a pretty new tank would look in your Garage! Open the preview window from the Tech Tree or the Armory.

In this new preview mode, you'll be able to take a look at the vehicle's stats according to different modules, helping you understand where you'll start out when purchasing it.