Update 6.5: List of Changes

June 30, 2011

Update 6.5: List of Changes

New Content and Features

  • Added new maps: Arctic Region and Redshire.
  • Added a notification in the Garage on the Credits total charged for a team kill or damage.
  • Added tank sale restriction: Only 5 vehicles can be sold within 24 hours.
  • Introduced an additional battle Tier for vehicles of Tier I.
  • Visually redesigned maps: Erlenberg and Karelia.

Bug and Other Fixes

  • Fixed some jam-up and impassability issues on most maps
  • Fixes for damage and destruction models of some game objects
  • Fixes in some vehicle models
  • Fixed damage models of the T1 hvy, M6 and M6A2E1.
  • Fixed the start battle timer lag issue.
  • Fixed disappearing tracers and shot effects during loading models of enemy vehicles.
  • Fixed shell penetration traces on the environment objects.
  • Fixed the description for the Orlik's Medal.
  • Fixed an occasional crash on minimizing the client.
  • Fixed display of a user who is banned from voice chat on the map load screen.
  • Fixed the display of input devices list in the voice chat settings.
  • Fixed the display of the "Ready for battle" status with incomplete ammunition.
  • Fixed some unclickable areas on the minimap on resizing the game window.
  • Fixed blank lines in graphics settings for specific configurations.
  • Fixed graphics settings reset to custom settings on changing general graphics presets.
  • Fixed some vehicle's descriptions.
  • Fixed incorrect selection of the "weakest" tanker during accelerated training.
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to leave a clan.
  • Fixed the display of the elite vehicle icon which was available only on Garage refresh.
  • Fixed inconsistencies in volume levels checked in settings.
  • Restored voice notification on observation device damage.

Changes to in-game characteristics of ammunition, guns, and vehicles


  • 10% increase in profitability for the M6A2E1.
  • Added the M22 Locust Premium vehicle.
  • Added a standard tech branch for tank destroyers: T18, T82, T40, M10 Wolverine, M36 Slagger, T25 AT, T28, and T95.
  • Changed M26 Pershing to M46 Patton on medium tanks Tier IX; the T23 is replaced by М26; Pershing on Tier VIII; T23 is temporarily removed from the game.
  • Increased depression angle for guns: M6, T1 Heavy Tank, T32, and T34.
  • Increased profitability of the M12 SPG to the analogous SPGs level of other nations.


  • Added the T-127 Premium vehicle.
  • Decreased the KV-220 Tier.