9.4 Update Notes


New Content

  • Team Battle format changes (7/54 instead of 7/42, conditions of victory changed, etc.)
  • Major improvements and changes in Strongholds
  • New Stalingrad map
  • Vehicles only for supertest players:
    • Panther mit 8,8cm L/71 (Tier VIII German medium tank)
    • M56 Scorpion (Tier VIII U.S. tank destroyer)
    • Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. D (Tier II German light tank)
    • Object 260 (Tier X U.S.S.R. heavy tank)
    • Т-55 NVA DDR (Tier IX German medium tank)
    • T28 concept (Tier VII U.S. tank destroyer)
    • StuG IV (Tier V German tank destroyer)


  • The following maps were corrected and improved: Komarin, Malinovka, Airfield, Arctic Region
  • Improved performance on the Windstorm map

Changes to Vehicle Characteristics

  • Fixed some issues with the visual models for the following vehicles: SU-100, IS-7, JagdPanther, M24 Chaffee, Т37, LTTB, Ru 251, Centurion 7/1, КV-85, M5 Stuart, M3 Lee
  • Fixed issues with the damage models for the following vehicles: M24 Chaffee, KV-85
  • Display of Camouflage fixed for the following vehicles: Tiger II, E 100
  • Fixed incorrect designation of the Т67 tank destroyer turrets
  • Т-34-3: reload time reduced from 14.4 to 13.4s, dispersion on turret traverse reduced by 25%
  • AT 15A tank destroyer: durability increased from 850 to 1,050 points, maximum battle level lowered to 8
  • Т-54 lightweight: Fixed concealment coefficients
  • 122mm UOF-471BM shells: Damage increased from 465 to 530


  • Changed conditions of damage caused by a torn-off turret
  • Incorrect functionality of ramming when the damage was caused not to the vehicle's side but to the armor on the underbelly (brushing side by side with the KV-5, etc.)
  • Misses for some series awards are now properly counted
  • Fixed condition for receiving the Ranger award


  • Fixed decrease in performance when displaying some vehicles in HD quality
  • Improved performance of shadow rendering and the quality of rendered shadows
  • Improved performance of frame rendering on most configurations slightly
  • Improved performance of some elements of the battle interface
  • Option to turn the triple buffering off/on is now available again in the Graphics settings menu
  • Fixed issue with graphical artifacts appearing upon screen resolution change
  • Fixed discrepancies between the visual and damage models for some environmental objects
  • Some effects of shells hitting various surfaces reworked
  • Fixed issues with the visual models for some environmental objects


  • Improved sounds of vehicle destruction by ramming
  • Improved sounds of destruction of highly explosive objects
  • Fixed interruption in the playback of engine sounds when many vehicles stand close together


  • Fixed display of the Clan icon in the Garage on screen resolutions greater than 1280 pixels horizontally
  • List of surnames of crew members expanded
  • Fixed issues with the text chat functionality in Tank Companies
  • Fixed display of the icon of the fifth crew member skill
  • Fixed some issues with interface and gameplay in the Strongholds mode
  • Fixed disproportion between the size of the markers and the minimap when zooming in
  • Reworked design of the Game Menu that appears upon pressing the Esc key
  • Fixed some issues with interface and gameplay in Strongholds mode
  • Improved backgrounds for some interface windows
  • Fixed some issues with interface in the Team Battle mode
  • Fixed functionality of voice chat after rejoining the battle
  • Fixed issues with the synchronization of data in an open battle statistics window
  • Allowed adding offline players to operational units, such as Platoons, Tank Companies, etc.
  • Disabled Chat in the Special Battle invitation window
  • Fixed ssues with excessively sharp border of dynamic shadows on inclined surfaces
  • Fixed minor issues with interface

Other Bugfixes and Changes

  • Fixed issues with the server field resetting upon unsuccessful login attempt with "Auto" option selected (for example, if incorrect password is entered)
  • Fixed some issues with the playback of battle replays
  • Fixed some hang-ups and crashes of the game client
  • Fixed issue with the Platoon channel becoming blocked when creating a Platoon
  • Fixed issue with the Penalty for Desertion screen appearing when exiting the replay mode
  • Fixed freeze-up of the Tank Company search window when creating a Platoon
  • Fixed issues with vehicles being launched into the air when crossing some environmental objects
  • Fixed discrepancies between the visual and damage models for some environmental objects
  • Fixed hang-up of game client at the "Updating crew..." stage when returning to the Garage

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