Stream Schedule & FAQ

Stream Schedule

Sunday No scheduled stream
Monday 14:00-16:00 PT
16:00-18:00 CT
17:00-19:00 ET

The Motor Pool with The_Chieftain*

The_Chieftain talks tanks history and shows off his World of Tanks skills

*Rotating stream; alt stream: Krzy Creative





Monday 16:00-18:00 PT
18:00-20:00 CT
19:00-21:00 ET

Krzy Creative**

KrzyBooP regales all with his creativity! From tanks made of pumpkins to pink tank models, anything tanks and crafty you'll find here!

**Rotating stream; alt stream: The Motor Pool





Tuesday 14:00-16:00 PT
16:00-18:00 CT
17:00-19:00 ET

Working as Intended

Join the Working as Intended Crew for Q&A and Platoons! Ask us any questions you have about the game.


Rotating Hosts:
• Cmdr_AF
• CabMech




Wednesday 14:00-16:00 PT
16:00-18:00 CT
17:00-19:00 ET

Get Good with Jambijon

Jambijon has been on tanks for a bit, but that doesn't mean there isn't more to know. Join an old M41 learning new tricks!





Thursday 16:00-18:00 PT
18:00-20:00 CT
19:00-21:00 ET


Join the WG Austin Community Staff for training room minigames


Rotating Hosts:
• Cmdr_AF
• CabMech
• Domosapien
• Jambijon
• KrzyBooP




Friday 16:00-18:00 PT
18:00-20:00 CT
19:00-21:00 ET

Talkin' Tanks with Cmdr_AF & Domosapien

Cmdr_AF and Domosapien are on the forefront of the community getting to know some of the most involved players out there. Join them in learning what players are doing to be active outside of battle.





Saturday No scheduled stream

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When is Wargaming going to balance [insert tank name]?
A: We're already working on an overall tech tree rework beginning with the E-100, Leopard I, IS-4, STB-1, and Kranvagn. Read more about it in our 2019 sneak preview.
UPDATE: Vehicle rebalancing is always in iterative states and more rebalances are always being implemented.

Q: When is Wargaming going to "fix" or "balance" Arty?
A: HE changes from the Sandbox server were scrapped. Player opinion is considered when making changes. At this time, Arty is an embedded part of the game's match ecosystem, but that doesn't mean that Wargaming will not continue to consider ways to improve and reiterate on the mechanic.

Q: When is Wargaming going to remove Arty?
A: Artillery is an entrenched part of the World of Tanks gameplay ecosystem and removing it would require a massive overhaul of the game, including map design and tank balancing. Currently, we don't have any plans to remove artillery from the game.

Q: When is Wargaming going to balance Premium Ammunition?
A: Previously Wargaming was testing Premium Ammunition balancing on our Sandbox server. These changes were scrapped and the Developers are continually working to find new solutions.


Q: When is Wargaming going to fix matchmaking?
A: Good news! In 2019 we made some changes to the Matchmaking system. If you're unhappy with the current iteration please keep in mind that that World of Tanks is a dynamic, ever-improving game and our matchmaker will continue to evolve and improve with the feedback and data we gather. For more information about the changes we made in 2019 please read our matchmaker improvement article.

New Features

Q: What new features are on the way?
A: We've got plenty of great stuff planned. For details, read our Moscow Preview of the Year.

Q: Can I hide my stats?
A: Yes! Anonymizer allows you to do this.

Q: Will Wargaming add [insert tank line]?
A: We can't discuss which tank lines are coming, but rest assured that our devs love adding new tank lines and they could possibly be working on the line you're thinking about. A few lines that have been teased are British Wheeled Vehicles, Japanese TDs, and Italian Heavies.

Q: I am a Veteran, what is there for me in World of Tanks?
A: Check out World of Tanks Salute!


Q: What constitutes physics abuse?
A: Read about physics abuse on our Support portal. If you think a player has been abusing the physics system, please submit a ticket.

Q: How do I report in-game bugs?
A: Please see our Support portal for more information and to submit a ticket.

Q: What do I do if I find an in-game asset (building/rock/terrain) that doesn't match its hitbox?
A: Please contact our Support team by creating a ticket. Name the ticket "Terrain discrepancy" and please provide video or a replay. Training rooms allow replays or you can record your screen with OBS or any other open source/free screen capture software.


Q: When is the Console version getting [insert feature]?
A: Unfortunately, we do not do development for Console World of Tanks, so we don't have any information about what's happening with the development of World of Tanks on consoles.

Q: Why did you remove the all-chat?
A: At the time all-chat was removed it wasn't feasible to separate the chat into groups of active (alive) players and dead players. As a result, players who had been killed in battle could give away the positions of their teammates. Until we can separate the chats, we likely will not be able to bring it back.

Q: When will [insert tank name] be on sale again?
A: We regularly rotate through tanks, bundles, and discounts that are offered. Patience is key!

Q: When is the [Crew/Ammo/etc.] rework happening?
A: We do our best to keep you updated on what we know about planned or anticipated changes. However, at any given time we may not have specifics or updated information to share.

Q: What happened with World of Tanks eSports?
A: We shut down WGLNA and it likely won't return in the same form, largely because the format was so vastly different from standard World of Tanks gameplay.

Q: Why can't I use a training room by myself?
A: Every match played on a server creates an instance on the servers, training rooms included. Because of that our devs have required each training room include at least two players to reduce the strain on the server. This could change in the future.

Q: What's Wargaming's plan to bring back old maps?
A: We've recently brought back Peal River. The current 30+ maps in the game had to be entirely overhauled for our new graphics engine when the 1.0 Update dropped and bringing back old maps requires substantial time and testing.

Q: Are there plans to add weather effects?
A: There's a lot to consider with weather effects, including how it would impact gameplay and players with lower performance computers. Players already have some difficulty understanding the spotting mechanic and adding a weather system may complicate that if it impacts view range and concealment. Otherwise, adding visual-only weather effects would be cool.

Q: When will we get server transfers or cross-server interaction?
A: Server transfers were done between NA and APAC and proved to be too complex to undertake en masse without dedicating a lot of resources. Until a more streamlined system is built, server transfers and cross-server interaction won't be available.

Anticipated Changes — Straight from the Devs

Answers below are taken directly from a recent developer AMA on Reddit

Q: Why were the 30B changes delayed?
A: We decided to go with a different plan for the 30B after reviewing initial test outcomes. It is a bit early to give you guys any details on it though, sorry.

Q: What about additional artillery nerfs?
A: Yes, we want to rebalance low levels. As the rest of the levels =) At the moment a series of Sandbox tests are running, where we are checking a different take on balance in the game. If that happens to be a good idea and community likes that, we will definitely make huge changes on low-mid-high levels. That will touch many aspects of the game if it proofs to be the right way.

Q: What about 430U changes?
A: Delayed still, could be postponed till after the Ammo rework similar to the E100.

Q: Any plans for the RHM Panzerwagen?
A: Nothing in particular at the moment. All plans are on hold until we will figure out the fate of the grand rebalance AKA shells rebalance that we are toying with right now.

Q: Any plans for E100 changes?
A: a. As for the E-100 line and Chieftain questions, both are on hold until we have tested the new approach to balance on multiple iterations of Sandboxes. If it proves to be the right way and the community appreciates that, we would do significant changes to all the tiers and lines that need it. If we see that it is not the way to go, we will be back to incremental changes.

Q: Why does the STB1 suspension only go one way?
A: It leads to lots of weird behaviors with auto suspension; on the other hand, using a manual ON/OFF switch like in SW TDs was, well, turning a tank in a TD so we cast this idea away.

Q: Will we get the "Awful Panther?"
A: Maybe.

Q: In regards to British LTs, is there any chance of changing the tanks chosen for this line?
A: Honestly speaking, we're unlikely to change it now, it's too late. However, we have a plan up our sleeves for how to give you guys access to some vehicles that didn't make it into the regular tech lines, for all nations (not just the UK). We are supposed to announce it soon and hope military history/armor fans like you will like our idea as much as we do.

Q: Is there a Crew/Skill rework planned?
A: Yes, it's in progress.

Q: Are you planning to bring back any maps?
A: Right now, we are looking at what maps should be next, Pearl River is one of the candidates.

Q: Are you planning on tracking blacklisted maps?
A: Yes, we are using this as a data source. We are also conducting surveys from time to time and were quite puzzled that many of the blacklisted maps actually were on top of maps from the survey results. Soon we are planning to share some data with players.

Addressing Issues — Straight from the Devs

Answers below are taken directly from a recent developer AMA on Reddit

Q: What can tell us about Ranked Battles in North America?
A: Ranked Battles for NA are returning and players will have the opportunity to catch up on rewards.

Q: How many people did Wargaming expect to reach gold league rewards in EU?
A: Well, we expected more people there than we've got, but not much more. The right question is, what is the skill requirement to be there? If we'd design it so anybody who put enough effort could reach GL it'd lead to a whole bunch of other concerns we already faced in previous years. Like, why are people with average skill are making it on top? The harsher threshold we set the less people who can get there, obviously. So the challenge here is to find the right ratio. We are not happy with the one we used for the last installment and will improve.

Q: What about the so-called "soap rocks?"
A: Havok doesn’t like our terrain, we are working with the Havok devs to resolve this.

Q: What about having Personal Reserves limited to battles rather than a set time?
A: Very seriously considering this one. Personal Reserves are an ancient piece of code though, the team has to clean up the schedule before cleaning up that code. Pending.

Q: Any plans to change the Japanese heavies?
A: We are pretty much OK with them so far. We are carefully watching their performance both with derp and AP guns.

Q: Any word on Sandbox server rebalancing?
A: This is a conception test iteration 2. This gibberish means, that nothing there except the idea itself is in its final form. A.B.: To the best of my knowledge we'll need at least two more shots to prove the concept (one for HE in general, one for SPG) before we will actually get to real numbers.

Upcoming New Info — Straight from the Devs

Information below is taken directly from a recent developer AMA on Reddit

  • Japanese TDs? No details on the release dates, we are wary due to bad experiences with announcing release dates too far in advance.
  • New Japanese Tanks? Considered the 10.5cm medium Chi-Se, but we're not 100% about that. 
  • Other Japanese branches? Not yet, one branch at a time.
  • New types of vehicles? Half-tracks aren't in the plans so far, wheeled TDs won't happen soon -- we've got to digest the lessons of the wheeled LTs first.
  • Selling more camo/skins? Yes, definitely. Not just selling, but giving away as well.
  • 3D tank customization? We are working toward 3D skins now. Full 3D customization functionality turned out to be quite a heavy load on performance for most of our players' specs.

Other Questions — Straight from the Devs

Answers below are taken directly from a recent developer AMA on Reddit

Q: Why is Frontline designed like it is? Have you thought of other game modes? Why only attack/defend? Other styles? King of the hill? Capture the flag? War of Attrition?
A: We tried a lot of the ideas above while the team was working on Frontline. Doesn't mean that any new variations (symmetrical, different kind of asymmetry) willnever appear in the game.

Q: Any new marathons?
A: The game is taking rest after the marathons it's run. :)  Also, we hope to offer you something entirely different for the "back to school" period. Marathons are supposed to return right after.

Q: What about non-Premium tanks as Crew trainers by paying?
A: We've thought about this, but no details yet.

Q: How about changing Crew nationalities by paying?
A: Nope, not in the way you described.

Q: What data do you consider when balancing the game? Do you reference under-utilized non-Premium tanks?
A: We do. At the same time, many of those poor beasts more often than not are victims of the bad (or good) perception rather than poor balance if one will believe math.

Q: Any plans for changes to the tech wins/loss in Clan Wars?
A: AFAIK, yes.

Q: What about plans for optimization? Why do you prioritize FPS over ping?
A: Well, FPS is a function of the client and your PC computing power, while ping is essentially not. Just to be clear, it is impossible to prioritize one over the other while building the game. If something like that is happening to you, please double-check with your ISP, they are much more likely responsible for what's going on than we are.

Additional Q&As and AMAs