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Stream Schedule

Tuesday World of Tanks Community Stream




14:00-16:00 PT
16:00-18:00 CT
17:00-19:00 ET
Thursday World of Tanks Community Stream




14:00-16:00 PT
16:00-18:00 CT
17:00-19:00 ET
Friday Sofilein Twitch 05:00-06:30 PT
07:00-08:30 CT
08:00-09:30 ET
Saturday AirG Twitch 21:00-23:00 PT
23:00-01:00 CT
00:00-02:00 ET

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When is Wargaming going to balance [insert tank name]?
A: We're already working on an overall tech tree rework beginning with the E-100, Leopard I, IS-4, STB-1, and Kranvagn. Read more about it in our 2019 sneak preview.

Q: When is Wargaming going to 'fix' or 'balance' Arty?
A: We're currently working on adjusting the way artillery behaves in World of Tanks beginning with adjustments to the stun system. More changes are on the way. Read about it in our SPG rebalance article.

Q: When is Wargaming going to remove Arty?
A: Artillery is an entrenched part of the World of Tanks gameplay ecosystem and removing it would require a massive overhaul of the game, including map design and tank balancing. Currently, we don't have any plans to remove artillery from the game.

Q: When is Wargaming going to balance Premium Ammunition?
A: Selling Premium ammunition for Gold was removed as the first step towards balancing it. We'll be undertaking extensive testing before any changes are made. In other words, we're working on it.


Q: When is Wargaming going to fix matchmaking?
A: Good news! We just made a few changes to the matchmaker. If you're unhappy with the current iteration please keep in mind that that World of Tanks is a dynamic, ever-improving game and our matchmaker will continue to evolve and improve with the feedback and data we gather. For more information about the changes we've made please read our matchmaker improvement article.

New Features

Q: What new features are on the way?
A: We've got plenty of great stuff planned. For details, read our 2019 sneak preview.

Q: Can I hide my stats?
A: We're currently working on an anonymizer for player stats.

Q: Will Wargaming add [insert tank line]?
A: We can't discuss which tank lines are coming, but rest assured that our devs love adding new tank lines and they could possibly be working on the line you're thinking about.

Q: When is Tank Rewards coming back to North America?
A: We're working on bringing back an all-new and improved Tank Rewards, we expect it to launch in June.

Q: When will Wargaming remove team damage?
A: As with any change to our fundamental gameplay, such a change will require substantial testing. Our Ranked Battles team has already begun to experiment with removing team damage.

Q: When will we be able to avoid specific maps?
A: Our "map ban" feature is now in the game. Read more about it in our first look at the feature. WoT Premium account owners will be able to exclude an additional map on top of the one map already available for all players.


Q: What should I do if I'm shot and damaged by a friendly tank?
A: We have an automated system that tracks friendly fire incidents not only for a specific battle but also for the offender’s account. In North America, we also accept team damage reports from players. If you'd like to submit a report, please send in a Support ticket.

Q: What constitutes physics abuse?
A: Read about physics abuse on our Support portal. If you think a player has been abusing the physics system, please submit a ticket.

Q: How do I report in-game bugs?
A: Please see our Support portal for more information and to submit a ticket.

Q: What do I do if I find an in-game asset (building/rock/terrain) that doesn't match its hitbox?
A: Please contact our Support team by creating a ticket. Name the ticket "Terrain discrepancy" and please provide video or a replay.


Q: When is the Console version getting [insert feature]?
A: Unfortunately, we aren't the console developers so we don't have any information about what's happening with the development of World of Tanks on consoles.

Q: Why did you remove the all-chat?
A: At the time all-chat was removed it wasn't feasible to separate the chat into groups of active (alive) players and dead players. As a result, players who had been killed in battle could give away the positions of their teammates.

Q: When will [insert tank name] be on sale again?
A: We regularly rotate through tanks, bundles, and discounts that are offered. Patience is key!

Q: When is the [Crew/Ammo/etc] rework happening?
A: We do our best to keep you updated on what we know about planned or anticipated changes. However, at any given time we may not have specifics or updated information to share.

Q: What happened with World of Tanks eSports?
A: We shut down WGLNA and it likely won't return in the same form, largely because the format was so vastly different from standard World of Tanks gameplay.

Q: Why can't I use a training room by myself?
A: Every match played on a server creates an instance on the servers, training rooms included. Because of that our devs have required each training room include at least two players to reduce the strain on the server. This could change in the future.

Q: What's Wargaming's plan to bring back old maps?
A: Old maps may return in the future. The current 30+ maps in the game had to be entirely overhauled for our new graphics engine and bringing back old maps requires substantial time and testing.

Q: Are there plans to add weather effects?
A: There's a lot to consider with weather effects, including how it would impact gameplay and players with lower performance computers. Players already have some difficulty understanding the spotting mechanic and adding a weather system may complicate that if it impacts view range and concealment. Otherwise, adding visual-only weather effects would be cool.

Q: When will we get server transfers or cross-server interaction?
A: Server transfers were done between NA and APAC and proved to be too complex to undertake en masse without dedicating a lot of resources. Until a more streamlined system is built, server transfers and cross-server interaction won't be available.