In-Game Communication

In World of Tanks, teamwork is the key to winning battles. Invite your friends, organize into Platoons, and fight for victory together!

Team Communication

Battle Chat

Use the battle chat to coordinate activates with your allies. The chat panel is located above the Vehicle State Panel.

— Activate the battle chat. Now you can type a message to your team.

Press Enter again to send your message. Now all your teammates can see your message in the chat panel.

Quick Commands

Quick commands allow you to exchange instant messages with your allies.

— Activate the quick commands radial menu. Use your mouse to select the command you want. Your allies will see your message in the battle chat.


There are three types of commands in the quick commands menu:

  • Basic messages for all allies, like "Help!"
  • Commands upon aiming at allies. For example, you can ask a team member to follow you or retreat.
  • Commands upon aiming at enemies. You can use "Attack!" to tell your allies you're attacking a certain vehicle and need their help.

Chat Rules

According to the Game Rules, all kinds of profanity, spam with repeated commands or other messages, and insults towards players in any way are prohibited.

We constantly monitor chat messages, and you can be banned from chat or from the game for violating these rules. Please remember that the game chat is a tool for communicating with teammates, not exchanging insults.

Playing with Friends


Do your friends also play World of Tanks? Or do you want to keep in touch with skilled players you've met on the battlefield? You can add them all to your Contact List and see when your friends are in game to chat and platoon.

To add a player to your Contact List:

  1. Click (Contacts) in the bottom left corner of the Garage.
  2. Click (Search for Players). Type the username of the player you want to add in the search field and click Search.
  3. Select the player from the search results and click Add. Wait for the player to accept your invitation.


A Platoon is a unit of two or three players who will go into battle on the same team. Being part of a well-coordinated Platoon increases your chance for victory and helps individual platoon members complete various missions.

You can create a Platoon in the Garage.

To invite players to a Platoon:

  1. Click Create a Platoon to the left of the Battle! button.
  2. In the Invite to Tactical Unit window, select players form your Contact List, and click Invite. If a player is not among your contacts, click Search Outside Contact List.
  3. Click Ready! Wait for your friends to accept the invitation and confirm they are ready to battle.
  4. Click Battle! to go into battle.

You can also create a Platoon during a battle. This is known as a Dynamic Platoon.

To create a Dynamic Platoon:

  1. During a battle, hold Ctrl and mouse over an ally's name in the Team Panel.
    If the player can be invited to a Platoon, the icon is displayed to the left of the player's name.
  2. Click (Add to Platoon) to send an invitation to your ally.
    The icon is displayed next to the ally's name. Your teammate is notified of the invitation and can accept it during the battle or afterward.

If you want to cancel an invitation, hold Ctrl, right-click the player's name, and select Recall Invitation.

If you've been invited to a Platoon, you'll receive a notification in the battle chat and see the icon next to the inviter. To accept an invitation, hold Ctrl and click the icon—you're now in the Platoon!