Daily Missions

Daily Missions is a series of three missions with increasing levels of difficulty (Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III). You can complete the missions in Random Battles and in Grand Battles, and all three missions can be completed simultaneously and over any number of battles. Missions renew daily at the end of the game day and are not renewed until they are completed or re-rolled. Each completed mission grants you a reward, and after completing three missions, a Bonus Mission becomes available.

Daily Mission Types

In World of Tanks, there are three types of missions: Standard, Bonus, and Premium. Standard missions are random conditions that can be completed every day and are renewed daily. Similar to Personal Missions, the progress in Standard Missions is updated only after the end of each battle.

Mission Re-roll

You can re-roll an unwanted Standard Mission to receive a different one and get a new mission from the same difficulty category, with a different condition. You may lose your progression after re-rolling the mission if one or several of your vehicles are in battle. You can re-roll the next unwanted mission after 4 hours.

After completing three Standard Missions of different levels of difficulty, a Bonus Mission becomes available with even more valuable rewards. The Bonus Mission must be completed by the end of the day, otherwise it will expire. Bonus Mission conditions cannot be re-rolled.

WoT Premium Account gives access to a set of three Premium Missions that must be completed sequentially. Daily Premium Missions don't contribute toward unlocking the Bonus Mission, but they speed up your progress towards getting an Epic Reward. The progress on Premium Missions is updated only after the end of each battle.

You can find your Daily Missions on the MISSIONS tab below the Battle! button in the Garage.


You receive a reward for each completed mission. The reward depends on the level of difficulty of the completed mission—better rewards for completing harder missions.

  • Standard Mission Rewards
  • Bonus Mission Rewards
Blueprint Fragment
Free XP
Training Booklet
Demounting Kit
Blueprint Fragment
Free XP
Garage Slot
Demounting Kit

As you complete Daily Missions, a special progress bar is filled. Each completed Standard, Premium, or Bonus Mission earns you one point. Upon earning 45 points, you will receive the Epic Reward.

As part of the Epic Reward, you're guaranteed to receive:

100 bonds

Plus one of the following:

Personal Reserve
Universal Manual
WoT Premium Account

After reaching the end of the cycle, it starts anew. The Epic Reward cycle does not have a time limit and can be completed at any time.

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