In-Game Economy

Battles are not only opportunities to put your skills to the test; they are also your primary source of income. At the end of each battle, you receive an amount of in-game resources that can help you advance further.

Battle Results

You've fought your best, learned how to use tactics, and worked as a team. Now that the fight is over, it's time to view the results in the Battle Results window.

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1. Credits and Experience

Your total battle income that is proportional to your success on the battlefield.

2. Achievements

You can receive medals and awards for exceptional performance in battle. For example, you win the Abrams' Medal (IV) for 5 team victories in which you survived the battle.

3. Summary

Information about the type of battle, your vehicle state at the end of the battle, information about your income, and progress in missions.

4. Battle Performance

This list shows all enemies you encountered and your performance in battle—for example, damage caused and vehicles destroyed. Types of battle activities are indicated by different icons.

5. Navigating Statistics

Go to the Team Score tab to check out both teams' battle performance. Open the Detailed Report to get full statistics on your battle results and income.

In-Game Resources

Credits are the main in-game currency earned in battles. You get credits for all battle activities; victorious battles provide a greater reward. You spend credits when you buy new modules, equipment, and vehicles; repair vehicles after battle; and resupply ammunition and consumables.

Experience is an essential in-game resource, which you earn in battles and get for all battle activities.

You can spend your Combat Experience to research new modules of the current vehicle and vehicles of the next tier. Another type of experience is Free Experience, which you can spend to research any module or vehicle (as long as you have researched the preceding module or vehicle).

Bonds are a special in-game currency that you receive for participation in certain in-game activities. You can use bonds to purchase unique items: Improved equipment and Directives.

Gold is an in-game currency that you buy for real money or receive for completing special missions, such as Bootcamp.

With gold, you can buy a Premium Account and Premium vehicles, convert your Elite Vehicle Experience to Free Experience or retrain crew members to a new vehicle with no loss of skill.

Vehicles with all modules and subsequent vehicles researched acquire Elite status. All Premium vehicles are Elite.

Though gold makes your gaming experience more comfortable, you can become a successful commander and explore new vehicles without it. On the other hand, you cannot succeed by simply investing real money in the game.

Take a look at the following infographics to get a better idea of how World of Tanks economics works and what you can spend your hard-earned resources on. You can also visit the World of Tanks Economics portal.