2018 Vehicle Yearbook

The year 2018 saw several vehicles added to World of Tanks, including Tech. Trees for two nations, "unskinned" editions of existing tanks, Premiums, Tier changes, and much more. Here's a review of notable milestones!

What are your favorite or least favorite vehicles that were introduced or modified in 2018? Let us know in the forums! 

Vehicle: 2018 DATE: Info:
VI Loza's M4-A2 Sherman 01.11 Based on a Sherman tank provided by U.S. forces under Lend Lease to the Soviet army. The moniker comes from the vehicle's Commander, Fedorovich Loza (who has the Sixth Sense Perk 100% unlocked), and the vehicle bears the number "936" as used in combat.
VIII ELC EVEN 90 01.25

Approximately half the size of a Sherman, the French Tier VIII light tank resembles a toy, remote-controlled novelty. But underneath the compact exterior lurks a speedy, slippery demon with a nasty 90 mm cannon and amazing concealment. Underestimate this one at your own peril!

IX Object 263  
X Object 268 Version 4  
IX Object 705  
X Object 705A  
IX Object 257  
IX Object 430  
X Object 430U  

Update 9.22 made significant changes to the Soviet Tech. Tree, with some vehicles changing Tiers and the introduction of new ones; we’ve included Tier-modified and new vehicles here.

VIII WZ-111 Alpine Tiger 02.15

Identical to the WZ-111, the Alpine Tiger is adorned with a beautiful tiger painting.

VIII Somua SM 03.22 The French Tier VIII heavy tank took its place alongside the AMX 50 100 and AMX 50 B, with its five-round clip and autoloader cannon.
VII AMX 13 57 04.01 The French Tier VII light tank that represented the 2015 Grand Finals was made available in an “unskinned” version.
VIII Progetto M35 mod. 46 04.13

The first Italian Premium tank hits the battlefield with a new autoreloader feature. Italian Challenge players who completed a set of 10 battle missions got the vehicle for free.

I Fiat 3000  
II L6/40  
II M14/41  
III M15/42  
IV P26/40  
V P.43  
VI P.43 bis  
VII P.43 ter  
VIII P.44 Pantera  
IX Prototipo Standard B  
X Progetto M40 mod. 65  

Update 1.0.1 brought the Italian Tech. Tree and 11 Regular vehicles to World of Tanks!

VIII Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC 05.11

A variation of the Centurion Mk. 5, the "Australian Centurion" has good gun depression, bulked-up armor, and a tougher turret than the Mk. 5 model. Historically, the Tier VIII medium tank was used by Australian units in Vietnam.

VI KV-2 (R) 05.16  

Already a formidable bruiser, the Soviet KV-2 Tier VI heavy tank got a whole new look courtesy of the Warhammer 40,000 universe: The KV-2 (R) Valhallan Ragnarok! Staring down the receiving end of this monster's 152 mm barrel is often the last thing tankers see before getting sent back to the Garage.

VIII leKpz M 41 90 mm 06.01

Previously only available in a Grand Finals (GF) version, the “German Bulldog” Tier VIII light tank hit NA/SA servers "unskinned."

VI Sherman VC Firefly 06.21

The British Sherman VC Firefly Tier VI medium tank is very similar to the U.S. M4A3E8 Sherman, except it packs a 17-pound British cannon with high damage per minute, decent damage per shot, and some of the highest penetration value for its Tier.

V T-34 shielded 07.05

Often referred to as the biggest tank battle in the history of armored warfare, the Battle of Kursk's 50-day/mission event awarded players the Soviet T-34 shielded Tier V medium tank for completing 30 missions.

VIII 50TP prototyp 08.07

The first Polish heavy tank in the game! At Tier VIII, the 50TP prototyp Tier VIII packs an amazing punch, dealing 440 damage per shot — one of the highest for any tank in its Tier/class. Throw in a resilient and quick turret, strongly angled front, decent accuracy, and solid penetration values and you have an amazing support machine.

II TKS z n.k.m. 20 mm 08.10

For Wargaming's 20th anniversary, players could earn the Polish TKS z n.k.m. 20 mm, a spunky Tier II light tank.

VII T26E3 Eagle 7 08.21

A member of the Pershing family, the U.S. T26E3 Tier VII medium tank hit the battlefield — bringing terrific gun handling, great depression, thick mantlet, and a precise 90 mm cannon.

VI Excalibur 08.29

The British Excalibur Tier VI tank destroyer was added as a reward tank for those who complete the Operation Excalibur Personal Missions.

I 4TP  
II 7TP  
III 10TP  
IV 14TP  
VI 40TP Habicha  
VII 45TP Habicha  
VIII 53TP Markowskiego  
IX 50TP Tyszkiewicza  
X 60TP Lewandowskiego  


Update 1.1 brought the Polish Tech. Tree — and 10 Regular vehicles — to World of Tanks!

VII IS-2M 09.07

A member of the famed Berlin Five, the formidable Soviet IS-2 Tier VII heavy tank was made available in an "unskinned" version dubbed the IS-2M.

VIII Caernarvon Action X 09.14

The British Caernarvon Action X Tier VIII heavy tank's decent armor, accurate cannon, good depression, and other unique attributes make it ideal for behind-the-frontline tactics. It's also a perfect Crew trainer for those looking to work up to the Super Conqueror at Tier X. Players who passed all 10 British Challenge missions earned the tank for free.

VIII Chimera 09.19

The British Chimera Tier VIII medium tank was added as a reward tank for those who complete the Operation Chimera Personal Missions.

VIII Kanonenjagdpanzer 105 10.03

The German Tier VIII tank destroyer has excellent base accuracy, improved by its standard APCR rounds with an extremely high shell velocity — all delivered by a powerful 105 mm cannon.

X Object 279 early 10.10

The Soviet Object 279 early Tier X heavy tank was added as a reward tank for those who complete the Operation Object 279 (e) Personal Missions.

VIII Chrysler K 10.26

Our official 2017 Grand Finals Tier VIII heavy tank was made available in an "unskinned" version.

VIII LT-432 11.09

At Tier VIII, the Soviet LT-432 is fast and resilient! Well-protected by robust hull and turret armor, the light tank's decent View Range and good rate of fire (from its 85 mm cannon) make it a medium-light hybrid. Its camouflage value lets you spot safely from a concealed location, but at a moment's notice it can support allies and flank enemies.

VIII SU-130PM 11.30

Players who passed all 10 Winter Challenge missions were awarded the Soviet SU-130PM, a Tier VIII tank destroyer with a 130 mm cannon and other attributes that make it a strong contender with other TD favorite, the German Rheinmetall Skorpion G.

VIII IS-3A   12.12

With Update 1.3, the Soviet IS-3A Tier VIII heavy tank received a major overhaul, primarily with the addition of an "inverse autoreloader" feature. So what exactly does that mean? In the case of the IS-3A, an autoreloading clip was added to the cannon, with three (3) shells included in the clip. Whereas an "autoloader" reloads the entire clip at once, an "autoreloader" reloads each shell in the clip one by one — the more shells in the clip, the longer the reload time for the next round. This is the complete opposite of Italian vehicles, so the IS-3A has an "inverse autoreloader."

II MKA 12.13

The Premium German MKA Tier II light tank was a gift to players on the first day of Holiday Ops.