Using Bonus Codes

World of Tanks players can receive various gifts and souvenirs when visiting an exhibition or a special event held by It's also the perfect chance to score a bonus code.

Bonus Codes add various bonuses to a player's account such as Gold, Credits, tanks, or Premium days, depending on the type of the code. Bonus codes can be found inside promo CDs, booklets, on promo gifts, or can be received during World of Tanks special events.


Note: You can only use a bonus code after you get a World of Tanks account. Please register at the official World of Tanks site, log in, and then activate your code (it wouldn't hurt to play a few rounds of World of Tanks either).

How to Activate Your Bonus Code

To activate the bonus code on your account, please do the following:

1. Log on the official World of Tanks website and then click on your profile name in the upper-right of the screen.


2. Click on "Activate Bonus Code" from the username dropdown menu. Enter the code exactly as it appears on the card.


3. Click on the "Activate Bonus Code" button and you should see your reward the next time you log on World of Tanks.