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View Range Changes in Update 10.0 important

See how we're improving the view range coming soon in Update 10.0!

Noble eSports Captures First WGLNA Title

In one of the biggest upsets in WGLNA history, Noble brings home the championship trophy.

Stand-To: Week of October 5th

Daily tournament series boasting prizes ranging from Gold to Large First Aid Kits.

The Clan League Kicks Off!

Everything you need to know about the Clan League and the prizes you can win!

The Chieftain's Hatch: How suitable was T29, Pt1

After WWII, the US Army had a number of heavy tank prototypes undergoing testing. The question remained, though, were these simply technology demonstrators, or could they be put to practical use in the future? Armored Board devoted some thought to this matter.

Announcing Operation Safari, the Next Clan Wars Global Map Event! important

It's time for the first event on the New Global Map! Here's a preview of what's in store!

Monsters of Competition - x3 Crew XP Celebrating the WGLNA Finals

Get in the spirit of competition as we prepare for the WGLNA Season I Finals!

WGLNA Finals: the League Predicts

It's Caballers versus Noble in the showdown of the year -- we ask around to see who thinks which team will bring home the goods.

Special Gold Bundles for PayPal Users!

Take advantage of these great deals on Gold while using your PayPal wallet!

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