September Wallpaper

Move over Maus, you'll soon be overshadowed by an even bigger heavy tank!

Update 9.10 is on a Rampage! - Details on New Mode important

Domination and Steel Hunt combine in this exciting mode for 9.10!

Skirmish XXXV: Ensk Encounter

Weekly tournament series paying out prizes up to 8,000 Gold.

Update 9.10 is Here! Check Out What's New important

The main features you need to know before hitting the battlefield in this new update!

On Track to the Maus - Discounts + T-25 Mission important

Discounts and bonuses abound for this armored brick and its younger siblings!

Ancient Weapon Sale: 59-Patton! important

As part of our month-long Tanks Through Time promotion, this never-before-seen tank is available for a limited time!

Wargaming's Own: September - Tier IX important

Test your skills at tier IX for your chance to win some of the most epic prizes yet!

Update 9.10: New Changes to Team Battles and Maps

We detail two sizable changes coming to the next game update.

Weekday Warfare 34: Bring Home 10,000 Gold

Does your team have what it takes to win the grand prize this time around?