New World of Tanks game mode for clans

To join the Strongholds mode you need to be a member of a clan.

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  • Command Center

    This is the supreme structure in your Stronghold, where you can open and close Zones to shape the infrastructure of your Stronghold.

    As long as the Command Center is intact, the entire Stronghold functions effectively.

    A Command Center can only be attacked after all structures leading to it have been plundered.

  • Zone

    Clan Commander creates a Stronghold and opens one of the Zones. Each Zone allows you to build two structures.

    Increase the number of clan members and open new Zones, which allow you to build additional structures. But remember that each open Zone can be attacked by enemy clans.

  • Construction Site

    Seven structures are currently available for building. Each of them can provide a unique Reserve for your clan.

    To build structures, you need Industrial Resource.

    Construction Site
  • Structure

    Industrial Resource is stored in structures and used to prepare Reserves.

    Attach to a structure and earn Industrial Resource in battles. This Industrial Resource can be used to upgrade the structure. Upgrading the structure increases its level and improves the effectiveness of the Reserve.

Clan Property

Strongholds function independently of the Global Map. Develop your Stronghold to increase the battle rewards for all clan members and lay the groundwork for tactical advantages in the future.

War for Resources

Challenge a clan of your choice or any random clan in dynamic battles for Industrial Resource. Feel the diversity of battles by division with flexible vehicle selection.

Tangible Results

All clan members benefit from the Reserves of the Stronghold. Upgrade your Stronghold structures to feel even greater effects in any battle mode.

Up to +50% credits
in any battle
Up to +50% experience
in any battle
Up to 100% crew experience
in any battle.

Detailed Briefing

To join the Strongholds mode you need to be a member of a clan. Find clan Create clan

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