On Track to the FV215b


This is heavy. This month, our On Track event focuses on the FV215b, the British tier X powerhouse heavy tank. If you don't have one of these war machines in your Garage, there's never been a better time to get rolling toward your very own. To that end, we're offering some discounts and bonuses that will help you realize that dream.

Beyond the normal in-game event, we have expanded our On Track event to involve more than just progressing down the On Track line. Now, you can join the conversation about how these tanks play and where their designs come from. Details below!

Start Date: Monday, February 3, 03:00 PST (06:00 EST / 11:00 UTC)

End Date: Monday, February 17, 03:00 PST (06:00 EST / 11:00 UTC)


Regular Vehicles
50% Off (Credits):

30% Off (Credits):


Regular Vehicles
50% Increased Credit Income:

30% Increased Credit Income:

More On Track Events

On Track Missions
You mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make your way through the tech tree to the FV215b. If you earn enough experience (the amount to unlock the next vehicle) on each of the vehicles along the line, you will earn various rewards. If you complete all of the missions, you can earn the Matilda Black Prince!
On Track MVP Contest
Are you the best British heavy tank player? Do you have what it takes to prove yourself on the field of battle? If so, then check out our On Track to the FV215b MVP Contest. There's nothing to submit; all you have to do is achieve the highest base XP score during the On Track. Please see our forum post for more information. 
What's That Tank?
Do you have a sharp eye for detail? Can you tell a tank by the number of rivets on the hull? During our On Track event, keep an eye out for the daily “What’s that Tank” post on Twitter!
Are you live streaming your progress on the On Track Event?  If so, send out a tweet to us @worldoftanks with the hashtag #OnTrackLive for a chance to have you stream retweeted.
Photoshop Battle
Players can show their creativity by using Photoshop (or any digital imaging software) to edit pictures of our On Track tanks. This is not a contest, so players are free to have fun and build upon others’ edited images, photoshopping the tanks in hilarious or improbable situations!
Tanks of History
We have many history buffs in the World of Tanks community. If you would like to join the conversation about where featured tanks came from and their accomplishments, you can do so here.
On Track Premium Shop Bundles
While you work your way towards the FV215b, we have some special Premium Shop packages to maximize your time on your quest to the top!
On Track Guides
Whether it’s your first time playing the tanks involved in this On Track, or you're a veteran of this line, everyone can use a little bit of advice for time to time. If you are looking for some advice, or you would like to provide a guide for some of the tanks involved then this is the thread for you.

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