Compensation Policy

Compensation rules for technical issues affecting battles in Skirmishes and Advances in the Stronghold mode.

  1. These rules have been developed to ensure that a consistent and quality service is provided for players who participate in battles in the Stronghold mode.
  2. Individual compensation is provided upon a request sent to the Customer Support Service.

    The following rules apply to the players’ requests:

    • Requests must be sent no later than 24 hours after an incident.
    • Requests must be sent by the Commander or Executive Officers.
    • Clans must provide as much information as possible about the issues they have faced.
    • Clans must provide screenshots proving that the technical issue took place.
    • If possible, requests should include battle replays showing the alleged problem.
  3. Compensation is not provided in the following cases:
    • Limited number of players were unable to participate in the battle.
    • Issues occurred in data-centers where the servers are located.
    • Issues occurred on the side of Internet providers.
    • Power shutdowns took place. Any other issues occurred outside the control of Wargaming and not caused by Wargaming.
  4. Compensation is not provided if it is impossible to ascertain or prove that a problem occurred.