WG Social

WG Social

WG Social enables you to share your battles results on Facebook straight from the World of Tanks client! In addition to personal battle results, you can share team results and detailed battle information.

How it Works

Step 1. Install the mod. In the battle results window, two icons now appear. One icon enables publication of your results on Facebook, and the other icon lets you check your login status on Facebook.

Step 2. Click the Facebook icon and log in. You can log in right from the results window in the game!

Step 3. You can also enter your comments about the results you are going to share.

Step 4. If you want, you can share not only your personal results, but either team's statistics and detailed results information.

Play and share your results straight from the client!


WG Social is commissioned by Wargaming.net and conforms to generally accepted privacy standards. Wargaming ensures that WG Social does not store user data and only sends it to the social network to authenticate the user. The company cannot guarantee that if other mods not certified by Wargaming are in use, that all data and processes of the mod will not be used illegally.