World of Tanks Live - Browser Extensions

Have you tried World of Tanks Live? The extension makes it easier than ever to keep up to date with the latest news and videos, current special offers in the Premium Shop, personal player stats and more!

A small update on June 6 may require you to reinstall the extension. In addition, Some Premium Shop specials will only be available to players that are logged into the World of Tanks website.

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

  • Simply open this link in Google Chrome
  • Click "Add to Chrome"
  • Then click "Add extension"
  • Download the extension
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + A in Mozilla Firefox to open the Add-ons Manager
  • Click on the Settings (gear) icon and select "Install Add-on from File"
  • Select the extension and click "Install"

If you're experiencing issues, click "Expand" for troubleshooting.



If you get the "This application cannot be installed" error: 

  1. Type "about:config" in the URL address bar to go to hidden browser settings
  2. Type "xpinstall.signatures" in the search field
  3. Find the "xpinstall.signatures.required" and double click to set the false value
  4. Close the tab and try to reinstall the extension

If the Forum tab fails to load recent topics, going to the forum will fix the issue.

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