Province Income



A gold fund owned by a clan. A Treasury is replenished with income received from the clan’s provinces on the Global Map.

Province income

The amount of gold that a province provides to the owning clan for 24 turns. Gold is added to the clan’s Treasury in the amount of 1/24 of the province income for each turn. A clan can raise income of its provinces by spending Influence.

Key Rules

Each clan receives income in gold from its territories. Province income can be raised if the following conditions are met:

  • The province is owned by the clan.
  • The province is connected to the Headquarters.

The following clan officers are allowed to raise the province income:

  • Commander
  • Executive Officer
  • Personnel Officer

The following rules apply to province income:

  • Initially, all provinces have a basic level of income.
  • Basic level of province income differs within a Front.
  • A clan can raise the province income by 10 levels above the basic level for each clan’s province.
  • Clans spend Influence to raise province income.
  • Clans should have the required Elo rating to raise province income.
  • To raise province income by several levels at once, a clan should have the appropriate Elo rating and pay the necessary amount of Influence for each level.
  • The level of province income automatically decreases when the province owner changes, but cannot decrease below the basic level.
  • Raising province income level increases the amount of gold it produces for the clan that owns it. The amount of increase in income is equal for all provinces within the same Front.
  • Raising the income of a province also increases the minimum bid required for its auction. 
  • Province income gets increased while processing the next turn. 
  • Clans cannot raise the province income if the province is ransacked.