A union of clans that allows them to transfer provinces and battles to each other. One of the clans becomes the leading clan (Major Power), while the other one becomes a subordinate clan (Minor Power). All clans that belong to a single Alliance and are hierarchically bound to one leading clan are allies to each other. Part of a Minor Power’s income is withheld as tax for their Major Power.


A share of a Minor Power’s income that is withheld to be paid to the Major Power of the Alliance. The amount of tax is agreed when the Alliance is formed.


The way a Minor Power transfers taxes to their Major Power within a defined number of days called delivery time. The convoy is defended by either the Minor Power or the Major Power; the selection of which clan conducts the defense is made by the Minor Power. Any clan that is not part of the Alliance can attack the convoy. 

Attack on a convoy

An assault on a convoy with the purpose of seizing the resources being transferred. Enemy clans can apply, via an auction, to attack the convoy. The enemy clan that wins the auction and the subsequent tournament gets to fight the convoy defender on a map selected randomly at the moment the convoy is dispatched. If the attacker wins, they will receive that day’s daily share of transferred resources as a reward.

Daily share of resources

A part of the total amount of taxes, which is delivered to the Major Power, via convoy, every day within the delivery time.

Delivery time

The number of days it takes for the convoy to deliver the total amount of taxes to the Major Power. It is calculated based on the amount of the transferred resources and the settings of the current season on the Global Map.

Key Rules

A fixed share of the gold and Influence earned by a Minor Power on the Global Map is withheld as tax to be paid to their Major Power. The share is mutually agreed by the clans when they form their Alliance, and is withheld every time the earnings are deposited in the Treasury of the Minor Power. 

For example, if the clans agreed to a 20% tax rate, thereafter 20% of all gold and Influence that the Minor Power earns from the Global Map is immediately withheld to be paid to the Major Power, while the remaining 80% goes to the Minor Power’s Treasury in the usual manner. 

The minimum and maximum tax amounts in an Alliance can vary, depending on the settings of the current season on the Global Map.

When the resources being withheld have built up to a certain threshold amount, the Minor Power can dispatch a convoy to the Major Power. The following clan officers have authorization to manage convoys:

  • Commander
  • Executive Officer

To view the information about taxes being withheld and to dispatch a convoy to the Major Power, go to the top of the Global Map main screen, click  (Diplomacy), and then click on the TAXES tab. Here you can also review the amounts of taxes your clan is currently scheduled to receive from your Minor Powers, if any.

For more details on taxed income and the taxation procedure, see Taxes.

Convoy Dispatch

To view the convoys dispatched by your clan, as well as the convoys currently traveling to your clan, go to the top of the Global Map main screen, click  (Convoys), and then click on the MY CLAN’S CONVOYS tab.

To dispatch a convoy:

  1. Click  (Diplomacy) and go to the TAXES tab.
  2. On the TAXES FOR MAJOR POWER panel, click SEND. The button is disabled until resources have built up to the threshold amount required to dispatch a convoy.
  3. In the CONVOY DISPATCH window displayed, specify the following required information: the convoy’s defender, the battle start time, and a server.
  • Convoy defender
  • Battle start time
  • Server
Convoy defender

Select which clan will defend the convoy that your clan is dispatching: your clan or your Major Power. After the battle start time arrives, the players of the selected clan can see a scheduled battle for the convoy by clicking  (Battles scheduled and planned for your clan) at the top of the Global Map main screen.

Battle start time

Select a Prime Time for the tournament battles between the clans vying for the right to attack the convoy. An exact list of Prime Times is defined by the settings of the current season on the Global Map. Prime Times shifted by 15 minutes are also available.


Select the preferred server for the battles for the convoy.

4. Click SEND.

Note: once a convoy has been dispatched, it cannot be canceled or withdrawn.

In order for the battles for the convoy to be played within the current day, the convoy must be dispatched the minimum necessary number of turns before the selected Prime Time, which is defined by the settings of the current season on the Global Map. If this condition is observed, enemies will be able to apply to attack the convoy as soon as the next turn begins, and battles for the convoy will take place within the current day. However, if the convoy is dispatched later, enemies will be able to apply to attack the convoy only after the Prime Time starts, and battles for the convoy are shifted to the next day.

The maps where battles for the convoy will take place can vary from day to day while the convoy is on its way to the Major Power. An exact list of maps is selected randomly upon dispatching the convoy and cannot be changed.

Every day of its existence, the convoy delivers taxes to the Major Power in equal daily shares. For example, if the delivery time is five days, every day, the Major Power will receive one-fifth of the total tax amount.

In the event the total tax amount cannot be divided evenly into the number of delivery days, daily shares may slightly differ from each other.

Attack on a Convoy

Depending on how many turns before the selected Prime Time the convoy was dispatched, enemies can apply to attack the convoy either after the start of the next upcoming turn or after the start of the Prime Time selected upon dispatching the convoy. To apply, a clan must take part in the auction and make a bid; the currency of this auction is Influence.

To apply to attack a convoy:

  1. Click  (Convoys); go to the CONVOY SEARCH tab; and select the preferred map, server, and battle start time.
  2. In the list of the available convoys displayed, select a convoy and click  (Make bid).

The auction is conducted according to the following rules:

  • Auctions follow the procedure of a closed auction: clans know neither the number of auction participants nor the value of the other clans’ bids.
  • Attacking clans can make or remove bids no later than one hour before the Prime Time for battles for that convoy.
  • There can be multiple winners in the auction—the top several bids are accepted, and those winning clans advance into the tournament phase. The exact number of auction winners is defined by the current season settings and may not coincide with the number of winners of the auction for landing on the map.
  • The auction winners are decided one hour before the Prime Time that has been designated for battles for the convoy.

Auction bids must comply with certain rules:

  • All bidding activity is performed in real time, so it is not necessary to wait for the next turn.
  • The bid amount cannot be modified. If you want to raise or lower your bid, you must pull the current bid and make a new one.
  • The minimum bid remains the same for all convoys, regardless of the amount of transferred resources. The value of the minimum bid is defined by the current season settings.
  • Whenever there are multiple bids of equal value, the bid (or bids) made first wins the auction.
  • If a bidding clan drops out of the auction, the entire amount of Influence they had bid is returned to the clan.

The following clan officers can make and withdraw bids in an auction:

  • Commander
  • Executive Officer
  • Personnel Officer
  • Combat Officer

The clans that win the auction earn the right to fight each other in a tournament. The winner of the tournament can attack the convoy.

The tournament is conducted according to the following rules:

  • Tournaments are single-elimination: once defeated, a participant is eliminated from the tournament.
  • Battles are fought in several rounds. The rounds start every half hour, starting from the Prime Time selected upon dispatching the convoy. For example, if the Prime Time starts at 5:00 pm, the first round of battles will be fought at 5:00 pm, the second at 5:30 pm, etc.
  • The pairs of opponents for the first round are matched by Elo rating, starting with the clan that has the lowest rating. For subsequent rounds, opponents are matched by the experience points earned in the previous round.
  • If the number of tournament participants is odd, one of the clans gets no opponent and advances to the following round by default.
  • Battle results are processed in real time, so it is not necessary to wait for the next turn.
  • After each round is over and the results are processed, the Elo rating of the participating clans is recalculated according to the battle results.
  • In case of a draw, both clans are considered defeated and are eliminated from the tournament.
  • A challenger is subject to penalties in the event they don’t show up for the battle. For more details, see Penalties for Missed Battles.

The winner of the tournament can attack the convoy. The clan that gets the transferred resources is decided depending on the battle result:

  • Victory of the attacking clan
  • Victory of the convoy defender
  • Draw
  • No-show of the convoy defender 
Victory of the attacking clan

The attacking clan gets the daily share of resources while the Major Power receives nothing.

Victory of the convoy defender

The daily share of resources goes to the Major Power.


The convoy defender is considered the winner; the daily share goes to the Major Power.

No-show of the convoy defender 

The attacking clan is considered the winner and receives the daily share without fighting. At the same time, the convoy defender is not subjected to penalties.

Victory in the tournament and a successful attack on the convoy do not help the clan progress in its clan tasks. Nor do they bring additional Influence to the clan, unless the convoy is transferring Influence. In that case, the attacking clan receives the Influence contained in the daily share.