Front and Prime Time



A group of provinces unified by the same battle format and economic characteristics, including the cost of Division organization and enforcement with modules.

Prime Time

The time when battles for a province start. Each Front has several groups of provinces united by the same Prime Time. All actions in the province are suspended one hour before the Prime Time. Actions are available again after the battles end. A clan can only decrease the unrest level of its provinces and establish or relocate its Headquarters during this period.


The smallest indivisible territory on the Global Map; all game actions take place in provinces.

Key Rules

Rules that apply to all Fronts on the Global Map:

  • All military actions take place within a Front. So, clans from an adjacent Front cannot attack your province, even if you have a common land border.
  • Your clan can wage battles simultaneously in several Fronts: land in every Front where you plan to conduct warfare.
  • Your clan has only one Headquarters at its disposal. If you play in several Fronts simultaneously, you can establish the Headquarters only in one of them.
  • A Front recommended for landing is marked with the  symbol. The recommended Front is selected based on your clan parameters. However, you can still land in any other Front.

Front Characteristics

  • Maximum vehicle tier. Maximum tier of vehicles that can be used to battle for provinces of the Front.
  • Players on a team. Maximum number of clan players who can participate in a landing and battles in the Front.
  • Average province income per day. Average amount of gold that a province of the Front brings to its owner every day. 
  • Battle time. Maximum duration of a battle in the  World of Tanks client for a province of the Front. Measured in minutes.
  • Average clan rating. Average Elo rating of clans owning provinces. Calculated separately for the VI, VIII, and X Fronts.
  • Average minimum bid. Average minimum amount of Influence to be spent to participate in a landing auction for a province of the Front.
  • Average winning bid. Average amount of Influence spent by auction winners to land in a province of the Front.
  • Division cost. Amount of Influence to be spent to organize a Division in the Front.
  • Vehicle lock. Vehicles destroyed in battles are locked from the Global Map for a particular timespan. The duration of the lock depends on vehicle tier and battle result.

    Vehicle lock is not applied in battles between challengers in a tournament for a landing province.