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With This App, You Can...

  • Access detailed statistics on your battles and place in Global Rating
  • Get results on the battles with tanks from your garage
  • View your current game balance
  • Compare your progress with opponents' results
  • Keep an eye on the headway of your favorite players
  • Share triumph with your friends via E-mail and social networks
  • Follow the latest World of Tanks news

World of Tanks Assistant is the best way to get the latest information real time, even when not on your PC!

What's New in Version 1.6.2

  • Filter your vehicles by a chosen period or by all time
  • See players' win rate and battles count right in the Players List
  • Manually refresh data on the Profile screen using pull-to-refresh
  • Bug fixes

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This is what our players say about the app...

  • Thanks for the Mobile Assistant! Nice piece of software [...]

    SmallFry on the World of Tanks Assistant app

  • Great app. I have accounts on NA and ASIA, so it's good to keep track of statistics on what tank I need to improve on. 

    Adrian on the World of Tanks Assistant app

  • This works GREAT! When I am wanting to look up someone or compare them it is perfect. The NEWS updates are making me get in-game more for special events!

    Hexx on the World of Tanks Assistant app

  • Good for when I need to compare my friends to me... and I'm always the best!!

    Jordan on the World of Tanks Assistant app

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