Meet The Experts

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_Marine | _Juris | Z0NED_ | Starshield


First of all, let me welcome you to World of Tanks! My in game name is _Marine, and I’ve been actively playing this game since about August 2011. Throughout my time in World of Tanks, I’ve made ALL the mistakes one could make: I’ve sold premiums I shouldn’t have (at that time) and bought premium tanks I shouldn’t have. I’ve destroyed equipment instead of dismounting it (I’ve probably lost out on about 10 million credits from my very early days, which is HUGE), and I’ve used gold on the STUPIDEST of things like buying camo for a tank I knew I would sell a week later, as well as training a crew. I’ve bought and sold the Tiger II THREE TIMES at FULL PRICE, retraining the crew each and every time.

All in all, in my early days of WOT I probably wasted about $100 worth of gold on stupid things (of my OWN money, mind you) and about $15-20 million credits at the MINIMUM.



Welcome indeed!  My in-game name is _Juris, and I’ve been playing since October 2013.  Like _Marine, i’ve made plenty of silly mistakes with the in-game economy.  I’ve actually rage-sold the VIII T34   (the US tier 8 premium heavy tank) TWICE.  That’s $50 in real, actual, cash money each time.  Just let that sink in for a minute.


Z0NED_ is current team caption of Danger Close, a WGLNA Silver League team that has qualified for the Gold League. With a wealth of experience in random battles and competitive play, Z0NED_ will help you learn the ins and outs of WoT!


Hello there everyone, I'm Starshield, and I would like to welcome you to this much loved game we play 'World of Tanks'. From the beginning of my time with the game in 2011, up to my recent experiences with WoT Gold League, I have learned much. In addition to creating connections with numerous individuals I am proud to call friends.

I began my WoT career(?), lets go with that haha, as a free to play tanker grinding out credits with the VI KV-2  back when it was the King of Derp at tier V. Not thinking much as I played, outside of seeking that oneshot KO on an enemy vehicles squishy bits. Transition to recent day where we now have a plethora of autoloader tanks in various shapes and sizes alongside other lightly armored and particularly steathly vehicles. This drove me to learn the stats of the many tanks in this game. Be it their reloads, view ranges, gun handling, playstles, you name it. I in turn began to recognize the ever changing meta in WoT with the introduction of these new tanks and mechanics. Which culminated in my endeavor to inform those who wanted to have more fun with the game as it progresses and evolves.

Overall, World of Tanks is still the tank game we have all come to know and enjoy. Be it as a destressor, to simply romp around in a multi-ton armored vehicle blowing things up, or hanging out with our fellow tankers on TS, Discord, etc. And I hope it is here for many years to come.