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Rise of the Americas, Day 1 Recap


We've had a fantastic first day of our Rise of the Americas event, seeing some wonderful participation from our World of Tanks community. Stage I is still ongoing, but we have some interesting information to share with you.

  • Philadelphia is left unoccupied after a double draw in the final round.
  • These are the Clans who landed on one of the major provinces. If they manage to hold these at the end of the entire Rise of the Americas event, they'll earn 50,000 for their Clan Treasury:
  • There are other Clans who will look to deprive these Clans of their awards. Looking at the rest of the landing results, here's the prospective "spoilers" for each of these regions by Clan and their currently held territory:

For a better look at how the rest of the Clans landed, be sure to keep an eye on the Global Map over the coming days and weeks to see how it evolves.