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This is the official Clan Wars clan of Reddit.

For entry-level clans, please join RDTT2, RDDT3, RDDT6, RDDT7, RDDT8, RDDT9, RDDTX

CW training clan is RDDT4
Second CW clan is NARWL
West Coast CW clan is SNOO

Come join us at our subreddit

RDDT is selectively recruiting. Please contact a recruiter for additional information.

Applicants must:
- have a mic and access to TeamSpeak 3: redditwot.ts.nfoservers.com
- provide their Reddit username in application message.
- have prior clan wars experience, preferably from other RDDT clans.
- 1,800+ WN8, 56%+ Win Rate (both 60-day based)
- 3+ Tier 10 tanks

Military Personnel (100) Data as of

# User Name Position Joined