Cry HavoK! Let Slip the Dogs of War.

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Performance. Winning. Respect.

HavoK is a mature, high-performance clan. Our primary goal is to dominate our opponents and serve our members well. We have a strong competitive player base. We offer a fun, drama-free environment, and treat both friends and opponents with respect. If you hate training try losing! Stand fast. Stand Strong. Stand together.

If you're an experienced and skilled player, who is serious about winning, please submit an application. With all due respect, others need not apply.

HAVOK is SELECTIVELY recruiting only highly experienced Clan Wars players that exceed the requirements posted below.

Please Apply via Clan Tools Site
HavoK Minimum Requirements:
☛ Must be on Teamspeak while in game
☛ Participation: 4+ days between 8pm and 11pm EST
☛ CW tanks: 8+ Tier 10 Tanks, Tier 10 Artillery
☛ 60% W/L Rate and 2300+ WN8
☛ 18+ yrs old

Military Personnel (98) Data as of

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