July Preview

July is absolutely packed! Premium Tank sales, missions, special exchange rates, celebrations, and more fill the events this month; here's a quick look at some of the lineup, but make sure and check our Events Calendar for updates!

* All events are subject to change without notice. 

  • Independence Week
  • The Battle of Kursk Missions
  • Currency Bundles
  • Special Tank Sales
  • Special Weekend Events
  • On Track
  • Tank Mastery Missions
Independence Week

July marks Canada and Independence Day! Starting July 1, we've got special bundles, missions, daily XP multipliers, missions, booster deals, discounts, and much more!

The Battle of Kursk Missions

July 5-Aug. 24: 50 battle missions in recognition of the 75th anniversary of what is arguably the biggest tank battle in the history of armored warfare.

Join the attack from one of two directions and earn rewards, including the new T-34 shielded tank, an exclusive Kursk-dedicated style for most vehicles in your Garage, and much more!

Currency Bundles

July 6-Aug. 6: Need Gold, Credits, Premium Account time? Throughout July, we've got new weekly bundle offerings to keep your treasury stocked!

Special Tank Sales

Attention collectors: We have two tanks going on sale!

July 6-13 — KV-220-2: The Soviet Tier V heavy!

July 13-16 — Big Surprise! We're putting an über-rare "terror tank" on sale for 72 hours in a special bundle you won't want to miss!

Special Weekend Events

Canada Day, Independence Day, and other important dates are featured in our weekend events, including special missions, XP bonuses, and more!
July 1-4: Celebrate Canada Day with x4 XP
July 4-9: Celebrate Independence Day with x5 XP
July 13-16: x2 Crew XP Weekend
July 20-22: x3 XP Weekend
July 27-30: Supply Raid Missions and x2 Crew XP Weekend

On Track

Get on the fast track to top-tier vehicles. This month we show you how to earn two Tier X titans: A U.S. tank destroyer and a Soviet medium tank!

July 4-23: On Track to the T110E3

July 25-Aug. 13: On Track to the Object 140

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