Campaign 2: Stage III Rules

Now that all the train conductors have been scared off the continent, we had some time to look around. We found some big, shiny, beautiful piles of Gold! But such treasure is hard to keep secret, and everyone will be rushing in to grab what they can before the mines run dry. Don't worry, though – in time, we're sure to find another deposit...

This is the next stage of the Clan Wars Second Campaign: "Gold Rush." Tiers are wide open (I - X), and only tank locking will be disabled for Stage III. 

Stage III Details

At the beginning of Stage III, several groups of provinces will become Goldfields. These groups of provinces will always have a central province, the Pot of Gold  () which will become a landing zone on the first and third day when the Pot of Gold appears. Each Pot of Gold will be surrounded with Goldmines (). Each Goldmine provides 42 Victory Points each turn. The Pot of Gold does not earn any Victory Points on its own instead owning a central province, and alongside the a Goldmine provides a 4x multiplier for Victory Point earnings from each Goldmine  ()  owned in that area. After a four days, the Pot of Gold and their Goldmines will become exhausted, but another Goldfield will be discovered somewhere else on the map.

World Redivision: Stage III will start in World Redivision mode again; however, there will not be a wipe. Clans that earned their provinces during Stage II will stay on the map, but they have the option of removing themselves from the map before the stage begins with the "Exit Map" button. Please keep in mind that in World Redivision mode, draws in the Battle with Owner go to the attacker, rather than defender. Provinces will also be limited to 32 applicants during World Redivision, and will revert to 64 during normal Stage III rules. Please, additionally note that no cooldowns will be reset for both chips and HQ.

How do these provinces appear on the Game Map?

For further clarification, a Goldfield is a group of Goldmine provinces with a Pot of Gold province in its center somewhere on the Game Map. Goldmines are all the provinces that surround the Pot of Gold which is the central province of a Goldfield. Only the Goldmines provide Victory Points. The Pot of Gold province does not, but it does bring a multiplier coefficient for Clans that own at least 1 Goldmine province in that area. The Goldfield exists for 4 days, and the Pot of Gold itself becomes a Landing Zone on days 1 and 3 of the existence of a Goldfield.

Stage III Quick Reference Guide


Days: 12
World Redivision: 12/4/2013
Stage III rule set: 12/5/2013 – 12/15/2013

Maximum Tier


Enabled Special Features

Spies/Counter Spies

Disabled Special Features

Tank Locking

Gain Victory Points

Any clan owning a Goldmine province will earn 42 Victory Points each turn.
Any clan owning a central “Pot of Gold” province will earn 4 times the Victory Points from each Goldmine they own in that area

Complete any of these secondary objectives during a battle to receive additional personal Fame Points:




Call of Fame


Awarded to both teams for battles over Goldfields

Please note that this bonus is not applied to encounter battles and battles between tournament applicants.



Awarded to a team that doesn't own any Pots of Gold in a battle to for a Pot of Gold.

There are also a few Medals/achievements to earn during Stage III. These medals are awarded to all members who have participated in at least one battle during Stage III for the Clan that wins them, unless noted otherwise. Please, take in count that neigher Stage nor Serial medals provide any bonuses in Fame or Victory Points.



Gold Digger

Score the greatest number of Victory Points during Stage III of the 2nd Campaign (Awarded to all Clan members)

Gold Rush

Score the greatest number of Victory points from one Goldfield on the Global Map during Stage III of the Second Campaign. (Awarded to all Clan members)

Pot of Gold

Capture the greatest number of unique Pots of Gold on the Global Map during Stage III of the Second Campaign. (Awarded to all Clan members)

Hard Worker Score any number of Victory Points during Stage III of the Second Campaign. (Awarded to all Clan members)

Competitor of the Second Campaign, Stage III

Participate in at least one battle during Stage III (Awarded on an individual basis rather than by Clan)

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