Fame and Victory Points Guide

 What are Victory Points?

While Fame is your personal rating during the Second Campaign, Victory Points will track your Clan’s rank during the campaign. The top earning Clans will receive a Gold prize along with other rewards! The winner of each Stage is determined by earning the most Clan Victory points within that Stage. In case of Victory Point ties, Clans are ranked according to the total 'Fame' points of Clan members who have participated in at least 5 battles during that Stage.

Victory or Fame Points will NOT be converted to Gold after the Second Campaign.

Please note that the number of winners in each region is related to the region’s overall server population and Clan Wars participants.

 What is Fame?

"Fame" is your individual rating for your participation in the Second Campaign. Fame is earned from battles on the Campaign Clan Wars map, and players who earn the biggest amount of Fame in Clan Wars battles will receive a unique tank. The amount of Fame you can earn will vary based upon your experience earned in battle, the Campaign Stage, whether a province is rioting, and if you accomplish any secondary objectives. Unlike Victory points, Fame Points cannot be lost!

You will be able to track how your Fame Points stack up at the Alley of Fame!


Fame = Experience x Campaign Stage x Battle Type x Strategic Goals

How Fame is Earned Notes Multiplier


Without Premium Account, 1st battle and other bonuses. The value that is used will be the total base experience earned by all players of your Clan in battle divided by 15, regardless of the number of players actually in that battle.


Campaign Stage

Each Stage will have a different modifier based upon vehicle tier for earning Fame Points

Max Tier VI – x1.5
Max Tier VIII – x1.1
Max Tier X – x1.0

Battle Type

You will receive a different amount of Fame Points depending on if you are fighting for a province or participating in a Riot and Landing Tournament  (aside from battles with province owner)

Mainland provinces battles - 5.0

Riots and Landing Tournaments – 1.0

Strategic Goals

In different stages, Clans have the opportunity to accomplish secondary tasks, which are rewarded with a multiplier to their fame when the task is achieved.

See specific Stage rules for Strategic Goals


It is important to note that these effects are cumulative. All multipliers that apply to a player’s Fame Points will be factored in, rather than just the highest.

After the end of each Stage, Clan winners will be determined by how many of the strategic objectives (Victory Points) the Clan has accomplished. Players who are part of the winning Clans will receive a multiplier for their ‘Fame’ points earned during this specific Stage.

  • 1st place: x3.0 multiplier
  • 2nd place: x2.0 multiplier
  • 3rd place: x1.5 multiplier

There are also several Serial Medals and Secondary Objectives that your Clan can accomplish to earn additional Fame Points. These Serial Medals and Secondary Objectives will reward a pre-determined Fame Point value, rather than a multiplier, and will be rewarded to each player in the Clan that earns them. Clans will have the entire Campaign to complete these Objectives and earn these Medals. Fame Points earned in this manner will be rewarded at the conclusion of the Campaign, so players must be in the Clan at the end in order to receive them.

  • Landing Missions: Clans that are attempting to capture a landing province will be given a destination territory a few positions inland. To complete this task, the clan must deploy their HQ on the captured landing province and move it to the destination territory without removing it again from the map.
  • Assault Mission: To complete this mission, a clan must conquer the largest number of provinces (landing, zoned or rioting types) within 24 hours from Prime Time to Prime Time. Only one clan is allowed to complete this per cycle.
  • Epic Quest: A clan must possess the largest victory streak (no losses in all battles) to complete this task.
  • 'Loot WG' Misson: Players that manage to remove a Wargaming-controlled clan entirely from the map will complete this mission.

To see the full list of available Serial Medals and Secondary Objectives, read the Regulations for the Second Campaign.

We do not condone unsportsmanlike behavior. This stance includes initiating 'diplomacy' fights for the purpose of farming 'fame' points. For this reason, all Clans should be prepared to provide the administrators a replay of any battle during the Second Campaign.

’Stormbringer‘ Medal

Given to the Clan that has conquered the most landing zones or revolting provinces during the Second Campaign. All Clan members who are in the winning Clan by the end of the Campaign will be awarded with an additional 60,000 Fame Points.

'Unrivaled’ Medal

Given to the Clan that, by the end of the Second Campaign, has the longest series of victories during that period. All Clan members, who are in the winning Clan by the end of the Campaign will be awarded with an additional 100,000 Fame Points.

ATTENTION! In order to receive any of above mentioned medals and Fame Points, players should be in the Clan which earned this medal at the end of the Campaign.

Special Landing Zones Missions During the Second Campaign

During the whole Second Campaign, Clans will have the opportunity to participate in Landing Missions. In order to complete such a mission, a Clan will have to land on certain provinces and move its HQ to another nearby province. For accomplishing this task, Clan players will receive Fame Points.

The route for moving the HQ is determined by the Clan itself. The main condition is to start and end the route in the provinces, which are listed below.

If during the route the Clan’s HQ is removed from the Global Map, the Landing Zone quest must be restarted.

Clans can complete each landing mission only once. The same landing missions can be completed by different Clans.

List of Missions and Rewards for their Completion:

Start Province

Goal Province



Cape Farewell


5,000 Fame Points


Anticosti Island

Toronto, Ontario

10,000 Fame Points

Bathurst Island

Prince of Wales Island

5,000 Fame Points

Banks Island

Port Radium

10,000 Fame Points

McKenzie King Island

Western Melville Island

5,000 Fame Points

Inuvik, Northwest Territories

Mount Roy

20,000 Fame Points

Vancouver, British Columbia

Prince George, British Columbia

5,000 Fame Points

United States of America

Savannah, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia

5,000 Fame Points

Raleigh, North Carolina

Fort Knox, Kentucky

20,000 Fame Points


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

10,000 Fame Points

Pecos, Texas

Tulsa, Oklahoma

20,000 Fame Points

San Diego, California

Los Angeles, California

5,000 Fame Points

Kodiak Island

Klondike, Yukon

10,000 Fame Points

Coronado National Forest

Great Basin

20,000 Fame Points

Kotzebue Sound

Dawson City, Yukon

10,000 Fame Points

ATTENTION! Fame Points from Landing Zone quests will be credited after the end of the Second Campaign on the Global Map. All players who are in the Clan that accomplishes these quests will receive the reward after the completion of the Campaign.

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