Wargaming America's General Manager Does Reddit


Do you spend countless hours playing World of Tanks and perusing the offerings of Reddit when you aren't?  Have you ever had a question for the Wargaming team located in North America?  Are you addicted to Reddit AMAs?  Then we may have a serendipitous event waiting for you today.

The General Manager for the North American Wargaming office, Jeremy Monroe (a.k.a. Monroe_WGA), has kindly set aside some time to hop on Reddit and do an ImAMA today, Thursday October 4th, from 1pm-2pm PST.  Stop in, ask some questions, and maybe pass out a bit of karma.

Keep an eye out for some blue text in the /r/WorldofTanks subreddit:

I am Jeremy Monroe, General Manager for Wargaming America. AMA!

Be warned, Reddit may not be suitable for children or people whose sensitivies are easily irked.