Skirmish XXV: Abbey Attack

A 5v5, tier IV tournament with a 9,000 Gold grand prize!

World of Tanks Classic - Season 5

Does your team have what it takes to bring home a grand prize of 1,000,000 Gold?

WGLNA Kicks Off with Championship Rematch

Week One opens with eLevate vs. I Love Lamp, GAME-OVER vs. SIMP.

Copa World of Tanks: Finals

The moment has arrived! We're down to the final two vehicles facing off to see which tier VI has the highest battle count in the Americas!

Coming Soon: A New World of Tanks "Mini Client" important

Get up and running in World of Tanks quicker and easier with a basic client.

Weekday Warfare 24

Random map madness with a first place prize of 10,000 Gold!

Stand-To: Week of June 22

Daily tournament features prizes ranging from Gold to Consumables!

Copa World of Tanks: Semifinals

The semifinals of our Copa World of Tanks contest kick off today! Find out which tier VI vehicles are moving on to becoming the most dominant tier VI of the Americas.

Roster Changes Shake Up WGLNA

Former Schoolbus players defect to eLevate. SIMP and Hammer Time merge. Full details!

Operation Bagration

Get set for an epic battle in the East with Operation Bagration!