War tides from World of Tanks battlefields: news about holidays, specials, meetings and other events happening within the game project.

Update v.7.0 Main Features

The development team highlights main features of the upcoming update

Announcing the IGN Prime World of Tanks Tournament

Compete in the first official North American World of Tanks tournament for great prizes.

Help World of Tanks Win GDC Audience Award

Take part in the fan voting to help World of Tanks bring home the Audience Award at this year's Game Developers Choice Online Awards.

The New York Times Reviews World of Tanks

World of Tanks goes mainstream with a review in The New York Times.

Patch 7.0 Sneak Peek

Updates to the In Development page shed light on patch 7.0.

Creighton Abrams Birthday Special

Find out more about specials running this weekend in honor of US tank commander Creighton Abrams.

Win yourself the right to be called alpha-tester of World of Warplanes! UPDATE

Development team welcomes players’ community to mutually beneficial cooperate in evolving our games.

World of Tanks Release Plan for 2011-2012!

The development team shares their plans for the game development!

AMX-50 68t, the "Cardboard" tank

The so-called “cardboard” AMX-50 68t tank is described in the new article by

You Ask - We Reply! Bulletin 2

The second bulletin gives answers to questions asked by players