War tides from World of Tanks battlefields: news about holidays, specials, meetings and other events happening within the game project.

Team Killer, Halt!

The new blog article is devoted to automated anti team kill system, implemented with v.6.4 update

Approaching Tank Freezing Feature presents interview with Global Map Boss Kirill Mal

Lords Detected

We are ready to announce the results of Lord of the Tanks contest

Voice Over Roll Back

Old crew voices have been reintroduced

Clan Propaganda Poster Winners Will Be Announced Soon! UPDATE

World of Tanks launches a new contest in which you should make your clan propaganda poster

Upcoming E-50 Standardpanzer presents E-50 historical backround and characteristics

Changes Implemented with Server Update

A minor update was implemented during server restart

Unified Account to All World of Tanks Services

WoT players are to receive messages about nickname changes within World of Tanks

Follow the Bird. UPDATE

World of Tanks launches its Twitter Quiz

Ultimate Conquest and Clan Wars Overview by GDN

GDN overviews North American Ultimate Conquest and Russian Clan Wars