War tides from World of Tanks battlefields: news about holidays, specials, meetings and other events happening within the game project.

Blog: World of Tanks @ Gamescom. Day 3

The new blog article is devoted to the third day at Gamescom 2011

GDN: World of Warplanes Interview

Gamers Daily News provides an interview with a representative about World of Warplanes

Feel the Tank Power of Gamescom

Midday impressions of Day 3 straight from Germany

Tanking Good Time

Gamescom Arena has just opened the doors for visitors Declares Naval Warfare. UPDATE announces World of Battleships game project

Blog: World of Tanks @ Gamescom. Day 2

A new blog article is given on World of Tanks website, sharing impressions of the second day at Gamescom 2011

WoT Special Teaser at Gamescom 2011 introduces the special teaser of World of Tanks at Gamescom 2011

Message from Gamescom Arena

The number of visitors is growing ceaselessly. World of Tanks booth proves popular

World of Tanks at Gamescom. Day 2

World of Tanks team starts its second day at Gamescom

Blog: Wargaming at Gamescom Diaries. Day 1 team presents the blog post describing the first day at Gamescom 2011