War tides from World of Tanks battlefields: news about holidays, specials, meetings and other events happening within the game project.

Video Review: French SPGs

Check out the latest intel on the new French artillery.

Version 7.5 Public Test important

The first public test of version 7.5 has just started

ASAP #2 Part 1 important

Check the new video, where your questions get answers!

Interview: Devs and Tactical Gamer

Tactical Gamer takes the opportunity to ask a few unique questions of the Wargaming developers.

History Spotlight: Argentina and the TAM

A few words about a gorgeous country and a dashing tank.

Dragon Ridge Map Temporarily Withdrawn

On Monday 9thJuly during server restart, a minor patch will be applied. This patch will remove the Dragon Ridge map from the game for improvement.

Fan Art Spotlight  #28

This week we feature World of Tanks inspired artwork from Lancing34, wunderschatze, CaMuS_AnRaK, Edpin, and Gipstoys!

Teaser Trailer: Update 7.5

Watch some of the first footage for the 7.5 update.

Video Review: French Tank Destroyers

We've put together some intel on the latest Tank Destroyers to hit the battlefield.