War tides from World of Tanks battlefields: news about holidays, specials, meetings and other events happening within the game project.

9.6 Accuracy Changes important

Read on to see how the accuracy adjustment has affected your tanks.

Design and Build Tanks with "Tank Masters"

This new app puts the creation of armored vehicles at your fingertips!

March 2015 Wallpaper/Calendar

Not one to be stopped, now you can showcase a victorious U.S. T95 as your desktop background.

Special Public Test: Physics Experiments important

From deep in R&D, a sneak peek at some physics changes on the horizon, and your chance to try them!

Update 9.6 Available Now! important

New vehicles and big features highlight the next World of Tanks update! Read on!

Sneak Peek: Overlord Map important

The Normandy beach is making its way to World of Tanks. An early look inside!

Our Favorite Tanks: The Chieftain, Major Rampage and Pizzastorm

We've talked to players from NA and EU, and now we talk to players from the WGA staff!

New Premium Tanks for Update 9.6 important

The French and Japanese lines each welcome new Premium-class warriors to the fold!

Take Our Forum Experience Survey!

Help us gather feedback and enter a drawing for Premium goodies! Details inside.

February 2015 Wallpaper/Calendar

Even a platoon of tanks isn't enough to stop the Soviet IS-7!