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New HD-Model Tanks

A new batch of HD renders have made their way from the Wargaming vault. These include the AMX 50 100 auto-loader and the Premium T26E4 Super Pershing. Additionally, get a first glimpse of the new British Premium medium tank, the FV 201 (A45)!

These efforts to enhance the graphical models of tanks continue!  These three new HD tanks join the likes of the: M10 Wolverine, M26 Pershing, IS-3 and Mauschen!

Although we can't confirm when you'll see these new HD models in game, rest assured that the work is almost complete.

Click to enlarge the screenshots below:

T26E4 Super Pershing

AMX 50 100
FV 201 (A45)




M10 Wolverine


M26 Pershing



More on Mauschen

Despite the fact that this model existed only in drafts, we wanted to depict the tank as if it had seen combat and experienced war. This is reflected in damage to the metal, the exposed red primer coat of paint (which many consider to be rust), various non-penetrating deflections, metal flakes, oil and fuel drips, and dust.

There is always a focus on the metal of the tank's body, which is applied in-game by textures. In this case, if you look at the textures, you can see that the tank is assembled from thick sheets of rolled armor, interspersed with a few cast and drop-forged parts. One that stands out is the milled gun barrel. When you create a tank it is important to know, or at least imagine, how it was or could have been made. Despite that the draft of this tank was never produced, its manufacturing method would be the same as that of the actual set up of German engineering. Hence the widespread cuts of armor plating, welding imposed in several passes, milling line, as well as various casting defects.


E 100







Jagdpanzer E 100


Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H