Update 1.6.1: Common Test is Here!

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This Common Test will not be typical, Commanders. Along with the features of Update 1.6.1, you have the opportunity to try out new mechanics which are currently under active development and will be implemented at a later stage. The first Common Test takes you backstage to get a view behind closed doors as the following updates take shape. Hop on board and give us your feedback — your input is crucial as we continue evolving these features!

Multinational Vehicles

You’re probably aware of the unique history of the T-34-85 Rudy. In our game, it fights in the ranks of the Soviet Union, but during World War II, this tank was at the disposal of Polish units fighting in the Red Army. The T-34-85 Rudy was widely known thanks to the TV show “Four Tank-men and a Dog,” and it made a significant contribution to Polish culture. 

In Update 1.6.1, you can take advantage of the remarkable functionality of multinational vehicles. The first multinational tank is the aforementioned T-34-85 Rudy. Those of you who have this vehicle in the Garage will now have the opportunity to try out this functionality during the Common Test.

Technically, the T-34-85 Rudy is the same tank with identical battle characteristics, but it belongs to a different nation (Poland or the Soviet Union). You can instantly switch between them at any time in your Garage: You only need to move the Polish Crew to it, load ammo, and mount additional equipment (if necessary).

Note: You cannot switch to an alternative version of the tank during battle. The choice of nation is only available in the Garage before you roll out. Your can save your configuration of the tank for another nation (such as Crew and mounted equipment).

This feature offers interesting opportunities, allowing you to boost Crews from different nations and complete battle missions available for each nation with the same tank.

We really want to hear your feedback on multinational vehicles. If you like it, we’ll consider the possibility of introducing more in the future.

New Styles

You can never have too many unique custom looks! Together with Update 1.6.1, we’re adding two new customization sets, containing:

  • A unique historical 2D style for each nation: Available for Gold in the game client; for all vehicle types.
  • A unified historical 2D "Jaeger" style for all nations: Also available for Gold; for all vehicle types. 

We continue our consistent work on customization and development of new styles to make your vehicles even more refined, so stay tuned!

Ranked Battles

The new Season of Ranked Battles is getting closer, and you already have the opportunity to experience it during the first Common Test.

A quick look at the most significant changes to Ranked Battles:

  • A fixed number of battles during qualification.
  • Reworked distribution of Chevrons.  
  • Additional permanent Ranks: The mechanic will be available in the following iterations of Common Test. 

Finally, we’ll make some balance changes to the system of role experience.

Pay attention: The settings and specific values of Ranked Battles relevant for the Common Test may change after the official start of the Season. As always, feel free to share your feedback on the upcoming changes.

List of Changes


Multinational Vehicles

  • Players can change the nation of some Premium vehicles. First of all, we're talking about the well-known captured vehicles, vehicles supplied under Lend-Lease, and representatives of historical and cultural heritage, such as the Polish T-34-85 Rudy.
  • Feature allows players to complete missions with national restrictions. Upon changing the vehicle's nation, it becomes possible to use the Crews, equipment, and consumables of that nation. A player's configuration of the vehicle for another nation (such as Crew and mounted equipment) can be saved; switching between nations is free. The legendary T-34-85 Rudy is the first multinational vehicle. Its nation can be switched between the Soviet Union and Poland. The Polish version has a Crew of four unique Polish tankers with 100% trained Brothers in Arms perks and a German shepherd. Players who have this Premium vehicle in their Garage, will receive the Polish Crew as a gift and can utilize the nation-changing feature.

Changes to Ranked Battles

  • Changed the qualification logic. Added Bonus Battles for the number of Chevrons according to the results of the qualification.
  • Made some balance changes to the system of role experience.
  • Implemented bonuses to Combat Experience and bonds for high performance upon passing the qualification.


Added two new customization sets:

  • A unique historical 2D style for each nation.
  • A universal historical 2D style for all nations for all vehicle types.

Join the Common Test!

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  • Test Client
How the CT Works

New to testing? Check out our handy guide to public tests.

Eligibility: All players registered prior to: 13:59 PT | 15:59 CT | 16:59 ET on September 1, 2019 can participate in the test.

Feedback: Please post your general feedback about the test version and bug reports in the special thread on our forum.

Test Client

In order to participate in the test using Wargaming.net Game Center, use the following link: WGC

  • The WGC will download all the additional data.
  • Start playing.


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