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Gift Shop Bundles: August 19 - 23


More "On Track" bundles round out the latest batch of goodies coming to the Gift Shop this week. To see these and more, check out all of the details below.

Bundles Begin: 04:00 PDT (07:00 EDT) on August 19, 2013

Bundles End: 04:00 PDT (07:00 EDT) on August 23, 2013

On Track Bundle - $6.69

Many of the tanks which are On Track to Leopard 1 are light tanks, which would allow you to take advantage of the T-15 that's part of this bundle. You can move any crew from a German light tank to the T-15 without having to retrain them, then you can take advantage of increased Credit earnings of this tank while still advancing that crew.

III T-15 T-15 Garage Slot

New Tank Prep Kit - $7.99

With enough Gold to buy a new garage slot and move over even the largest crew, this package lets you keep your old tank while preparing to move on to your newest tank.


On Track Prep Kit - $20.49

Are you about to buckle down to try and get the Leopard 1 while it’s part of our "On Track" Special? This bundle will give you 14 days of Premium time that provides a 50% bonus in Credits and experience earned in every battle. This could be the edge you need to get the Leopard 1 on discount before the event ends on August 30th.

14 Days of Premium

Pocket Change Bundle - $22.99

Sometimes all we need is just a little bit more Gold, or a few Credits. If you find yourself in this boat than this bundle is for you.


Change of Pace Bundle - $30.69

If you're not in the mood to play the vehicles leading up to the Leopard 1, the AT-15A might be more of what you are looking for. While this tank is never going to be the fastest on the battlefield (unless you are last tank standing), it is a bunker on treads with great armor and a gun with a high rate of fire. Also, this Premium tank destroyer can be used to advance the training of any British tank destroyer crew without having to retrain them.

VII AT 15A AT 15A Garage Slot

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