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Version 8.8 is Nearly Here!

In the explosive new version 8.8 of World of Tanks, players will have access to a new map, a number of new tanks, and the opportunity to enjoy a generally improved game! In this article, we'll cover some of these new features. The 8.8 update has already been deployed in other regions but the NA is slated to go live in the middle of next week. Keep your eyes peeled for server downtime announcements!

If you haven't already, head on over and watch our video of the 8.8 update here.

You will have an opportunity to sell your T26E4 SuperPershing tier VIII Premium tank. This opportunity was mentioned with the release of the 8.6 update, and now you are able to sell this tank in-game for Gold! However, this feature will only be available until the release of the 8.9 update.

New Branch of Soviet Medium Tanks

  • A-43 (tier VI)
  • A-44 (tier VII)
  • Object 416 (tier VIII)
  • Object 140 (tier X)

А-43 А-44

Object 416 Object 140



New Additions to the German Tech Tree

  • Durchbruchswagen 2 (tier IV heavy tank)
  • VK 30.02 (M) (tier VI medium tank)

Durchbruchswagen 2 VK 30.02 (M)


Changes in the German Tech Tree:

  • VK 30.01 H will be rebalanced and moved to tier V, reclassified as a heavy tank
  • VK 36.01 H will be rebalanced and reclassified as a heavy tank

Two New Chinese Premium Tanks

  • T-34-3, tier VIII medium tank
  • 112, tier VIII heavy tank
T-34-3 112


These will only be available in the Gift Shop as of the 8.8 update. More details on when they'll be added to the in-game store at a later date.

New Map: Tundra

This chilly autumnal map introduces new open spaces, alongside some forested and rocky terrains. You may have already watched the video, but take a gander at the screens below!


You will find the full list of changes for 8.8 on the patch notes page.

Once the maintenance has ended, the launcher will automatically update your client. You'll also be able to get the update on the Download page.

Players with a Premium account during the maintenance will be compensated one day of premium time.