2020 Vehicle Yearbook

Meet the Class of 2020!

Welcome to our year-end review of all vehicles added to World of Tanks in the Americas in 2020! Twenty-nine machines joined the game via Challenge events, milestone celebrations, Updates, rewards, gifts, and Premium Shop offers. Some vehicles were a "first" of a particular class or type for a nation, while others introduced unique play mechanics.



Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque

Bisonte C45



Char Futur 4

Concept 1B







GSOR 1008

IS-2 shielded




M24E2 Super Chaffee

M4A1 FL 10

Object 274a

Object 777 Version II

Pz.Sfl. IC


T6 Medium




2020 Rewind Timeline

JANUARY 2020: 
IX IS-3-II  
01.29 The first-ever Tier VIII Premium double-barreled vehicle, the Object 703 Version II, was a potential prize in Large Boxes during Holiday Ops 2020. Three of these twin-gun counterparts were released to the Soviet Tech Tree with Update 1.7.1. The new sub-branch of double-barreled Soviet heavy tanks started with the KV-3 at Tier VII with the ST-II Tier X heavy at the end of the line.
VIII Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque   02.21  The grand prize for completing the Bourrasque Challenge, the Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque's small size and high camo values ​​help it sneak up on reckless adversaries. Equipped with two-round autoloader, it can deal 720 HP damage in a matter of seconds and make a quick escape. After a short 22-second reload, it's ready to sting enemies again.
MARCH 2020: 
IX Char Futur 4   03.09 As a reward for the shared progression system, Expedition (for Steel Hunter and Frontline modes), the Char Futur 4 has a four-round autoloader, excellent mobility, a small hull and turret with difficult-to-hit weak spots, and built-in Large Repair Kit. Its gameplay is similar to that of the Bat.-Châtillon 25 t and Bat.-Châtillon 25 t AP.
IX Object 777 Version II   03.09 The Object 777 Version II is another Expedition reward vehicle. The Soviet heavy features a low silhouette, high damage per shot, good mobility, and decent frontal armor. Its built-in Large Repair Kit is a handy bonus. The other Expedition reward vehicle, the AE Phase I, was introduced in 2019.
APRIL 2020:
III BT-5  
V Cavalier  
IV T6 Medium  
04.21  Update 1.9 brought huge Tech Tree changes and introduced Collector's Vehicles. Three new vehicles entered the game for smoother transitions in their nation's corresponding lines: The BT-5 (from the BT-2), the Cavalier (from the Matilda), and the T6 Medium (from the M3 Stuart).
MAY 2020:
VII IS-2 shielded   05.03 This year was the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Berlin. To mark the historic battle, players could earn a special vehicle during our Road to Berlin event. The IS-2 shielded is mighty brawler with a solid turret, well-sloped armor, and impressive alpha damage. Historically it appeared near the end of World War II and was widely used to storm well-fortified cities, including Budapest and Berlin.
June 2020:
VIII ISU-152K   06.01 With its massive and heavy-hitting 152 mm BL-10A cannon that delivers 750 HP damage per shot and high penetration, the ISU-152K is a deadly force that punishes impatient and careless enemies. Two steps to using this tank destroyer: 1) Point at the enemy, and 2) Fire.
JULY 2020:
IX Concept 1B   07.03 An Advanced and Maximum Annual Reward exclusive for Ranked Battles 2020-2021, the Concept 1B is a versatile brawler with impressive firepower and a very distinctive turret. It has fast acceleration for a heavy, features an accurate gun with good alpha damage, and its hefty armor makes your presence known on any map.
AUGUST 2020:
V DS PZInż  
VI B.U.G.I.  
VII CS-44  
VIII CS-53  
IX CS-59  
X CS-63  
08.03 Among other improvements, Update 1.10 added a Polish medium tank branch to the game. Although each of the six new vehicles is a welcome addition, the CS-63 is truly unique. Its gas-turbine engine provides two speeds. Standard mode makes the vehicle the same as any other in the game. The innovative Rapid mode, once activated, allows the CS-63 to accelerate faster and exceed its top speed of 70 km/h—but gun stabilization and aiming time are significantly reduced and concealment is decreased.
V Valiant   08.17 Players who logged into the game during Act V of our 10th Anniversary event (August 17-October 12) were rewarded seven (7) vehicles, including this British medium. Covered by tough armor shell, but powered by a weak 210 hp engine, the Valiant is a great support vehicle...once it gets to the fighting.
VI A46   08.17 The A46 is a natural saboteur boasting an accurate 77 mm cannon and excellent dynamics. Players could earn this feisty scout by completing missions during the Active Phase of Act V of our 10th Anniversary event, or by purchasing it during a subsequent limited-time Anniversary Store offer.
VIII CS-52 LIS   08.28 Players could get the first Tier VIII Polish Premium medium tank free of charge by completing all 10 stages of The LIS Challenge (or take a discount depending on the number of completed stages). The CS-52 LIS has a gun depression angle of –7 degrees, enabling it to make the most of uneven terrain, and excellent mobility to spring rapid attacks on unsuspecting adversaries or make hasty retreats. It also features good alpha damage and armor penetration for a medium tank.
VIII T42   09.18 The T42 made its debut in the game as part of a special crossover with the acclaimed show, The Boys. Referred to as "The Big Ride," the medium tank packs a 90 mm cannon and feisty 51 km/h top speed. For its first sale, the T42 came with Crew members straight from the show ("The Boys" and "The Seven") and special 2D styles. Players could score additional Crew characters from The Boys with our Prime Gaming Starlight and Queen Maeve Kits.
VIII T77   09.28 The ultimate prize found in Special Footlockers during The Last Waffenträger Event. The T77 has a good view range, and its 120 mm gun with a decent depression angle sports an autoloader holding three (3) rounds with outstanding alpha damage for its Tier.
VI M24E2 Super Chaffee   10.01 A Well-Deserved Reward for those who played World of Tanks for four (4) years or longer. The Super Chaffee is an easy-to-handle light tank that features high damage per minute and solid gun depression so you can take advantage of the terrain and keep enemies in sight.
VIII Object 274a   10.15 Typical of most Soviet medium tanks, the versatile Object 274a has a tough bouncy turret and solid hull armor. Its 107 mm cannon boasts great penetration and delivers 320 points of alpha damage, so it can jump into a 1-on-1 duel with a heavy tank and come out on top—so long as one plays to its strengths. It's great DPM and high view range (390 m) are also a plus. The 274a made its debut during the 10-stage Polar Challenge event.
IV Pz.Sfl. IC   12.09 The Pz.Sfl. IC was a free gift for players when they opened their Garages on December 9 to kick off Holiday Ops 2021. Packing a three-round autoloader, this German light tank destroyer excels at chipping off enemies' HP with burst fire—especially from concealed locations.
VIII Bisonte C45   12.09 Holiday Ops 2021 Large Boxes could contain a everything from 3D Styles to Premium vehicles. The first Italian heavy tank in the game—the Bisonte C45—is one of those potential items. It features so-so hull armor, sturdy turret armor, 10 degrees of gun depression, and a brand-new improved autoreloading mechanism.
VIII GSOR 1008  
12.09 The GSOR 1008 is the first-ever British tank destroyer with a four-round autoloader. Its small size and high concealment make it perfect for ambushing, while its quick reload time between shells and accurate, penetrating gun leave the enemy almost no chance of survival...just beware of the 40-plus second reload time after the fourth shell is fired. Another Holiday Ops. 2021 Large Box prize.
VI M4A1 FL 10   12.09 Sure, it looks like a Frankenstein monster, with the body of a Sherman capped by the head of a Bat-Châtillon. The M4A1 FL 10 is a nasty customer, as it packs a 75 mm four-round autoloader. The tank was one of the potential prizes found in Large Boxes during Holiday Ops 2021.

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