2019 Vehicle Yearbook

Meet the Class of 2019!

These vehicles made their debut via Challenge events, Updates, rewards, gifts, and the Premium Shop. Some vehicles were a "first" of a particular class or type for a nation.

AE Phase I

AM 39 Gendron-Somua

AMD Panhard 178B

AMR 35

Bretagne Panther

E 75 TS

Emil 1951

FV1066 Senlac


GSR 3301 Setter

Hotchkiss EBR

HWK 30

Kampfpanzer 50 t

King Tiger (Captured)

Lansen C




M48A2 Räumpanzer

M54 Renegade


Object 244

Object 703 Version II

Panhard AML Lynx 6x6

Panhard EBR 105

Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10)

Panhard EBR 90 (mle. 64)

Rheinmetall Skorpion

Škoda T 27

Strv 81

Super Hellcat


T-34-85 Rudy Multinational




Turtle Mk. I

Type 59 G

UDES 14 Alt 5

UDES 15/16


VK 168.01 (P)

VK 75.01 (K)

2019 Rewind Timeline

February 2019:
VI Panhard AMD 178B  
VII Hotchkiss EBR  
VIII Panhard AML Lynx 6x6  
IX Panhard EBR 90  
X Panhard EBR 105  
02.05 Controversial light tanks without treads are added to the game! Introduced in Update 1.4, wheeled vehicles differ from "regular" tanks due to their new unique mechanics: the lock-on feature and two driving modes. These features are added with each Tier gradually as you research new vehicles. As their Tier rises, the difference in maneuvering and speed between the two available modes, Default and Drive, also increases. Researching the new wheeled vehicle sub-branch follows on from the AMX ELC bis at Tier V, with the Panhard AMD 17B at Tier VI.
VIII M41D   02.15 An M41 Walker Bulldog adopted and modified by Taiwan, the M41D is a Premium Tier VIII light tank that joined the Chinese line. Sure, it's a scout, but its great accuracy, high-velocity shells, and superb rate-of-fire combine to shred enemies in a short amount of time.
VIII Rheinmetall Skorpion   02.18 The respected — and feared — German Rheinmetall Skorpion G Tier VIII tank destroyer was made available in an "unskinned" version, meaning you can customize its exterior.
VIII Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10)   02.19 The first Premium wheeled vehicle, the Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10) demonstrates high combat effectiveness. The 75 mm auto-loading gun, mounted on an oscillating turret, with a two-round clip, deals an average of 175 HP damage per shot. The vehicle debuted with the Challenge on Wheels event.
MARCH 2019:
VIII HWK 30   03.11 The HWK 30 is the third Premium Tier VIII light tank for the German line, joining the leKpz M 41 90 mm and its identical "GF" twin, but with a deeper HP pool and a 410 m view range.
VIII Lansen C   03.23 The second Swedish Premium Tier VIII medium tank in the game. The Lansen C hits fast and hard, thanks to its high Specific Power rating and 105 mm cannon. It's removable Primary 3D Style: "Odin's Wolves" is a thing of beauty!
APRIL 2019:
VIII TS-5   04.03 The first U.S. Premium Tier VIII tank destroyer in the game! A natural-born damage dealer, the TS-5 is a steel beast that made its debut in The American Challenge event.
VIII UDES 14 Alt 5  
IX UDES 16  
X UDES 15/16  
04.29 With Update 1.5, three new medium tanks joined the Swedish Tech Tree. Researching the new sub-branch of the Swedish mediums starts at Tier VII, with the Leo. Starting at Tier VIII, the Swedish mediums have a unique gameplay feature, hydropneumatic suspension. Similar to Siege Mode on top-tier Swedish TDs, it activates automatically when the vehicle's speed drops below a certain point.
MAY 2019:
VIII T-103   05.06 The Soviet T-103 Tier VIII tank destroyer has decent mobility, a strong frontal and fully rotating turret, and potent 130 mm cannon.
VIII EMIL 1951   05.13 Starting with Episode 4, the Swedish Emil 1951 Tier VIII Premium heavy tank with an autoloader was one of the main rewards in Frontline 2019.
V M10 RBFM   05.22 The ultimate reward of the D-Day Challengethe M10 RBFM tank destroyer became the symbol of the liberation of France and all Western Europe in August 1944.
VIII Type 59 G   05.24 The Black Market sold limited quantities of rare vehicles for 24 hours. When 500 units of the Type 59 G ("G" as in "Gold") were offered, they sold out in mere seconds. The Type 59 G is identical to the Chinese Type 59 Tier VIII medium tank, except for its exterior. 
VII King Tiger (Captured)   05.30 An American Tier VII tank available exclusively to players with an active Twitch Prime membership. Introduced with Twitch Prime Care Package Echo, the Captured King Tiger is German heavy with U.S. markings.
JUNE 2019:
VIII VK 168.01 (P)   06.18 The monster German VK 168.01 Mauerbrecher Tier VIII heavy tank was made available in an "unskinned" version, meaning you can customize its exterior.
JULY 2019:
VI T78   07.01 The first U.S. Premium Tier VI tank destroyer! A hybrid of sorts, the T78 combines the M24 Chaffee's light tank chassis with with the M36 Jackson's 90 mm tank destroyer cannon.
VI Bretagne Panther   07.21 Similar to Poland's Pudel, the Bretgane is a captured German Panther used by another nation. Historically, the Bretagne Panther was recovered by the French and used in battle late in World War II. With its rich background, this vehicle is ideal for history connoisseurs and medium tank fans alike.
AUGUST 2019:
VII GSR 3301 Setter  
X Manticore  
08.07 Four British light tanks were introduced with Update 1.6. They sit among the smallest vehicles in the game, and combine high concealment rate with good mobility and great penetration values. Play these lights right and you become almost invisible to your enemies (and cause a lot of trouble). Researching the new light sub-branch follows on from the Cromwell at Tier VI, with the GSR 3301 Setter at Tier VII.
VIII Škoda T 27   08.07 Coinciding with the Tank Festival’s Czech Holidays event was the release of the first Premium Tier VIII medium tank for that nation. The Škoda T 27 has high mobility, a quick and dangerous three-round autoloader cannon, and a bouncy turret.
VIII VK 75.01 (K)   08.21 The German VK 75.01 (K) Tier VIII heavy tank has a rear-mounted turret; a play style similar to the VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B and Pz.Kpfw. VII at Tier IX and X, respectively; and a Tier IX cannon.
IX AE Phase I   09.16 A reward vehicle starting in Frontline 2019: Episode 8. The AE Phase I is a U.S. Tier IX heavy tank with four segmented tracks, well-sloped armor, and a built-in Large Repair Kit consumable that's replenished free of charge after each battle.
VI Object 244   09.19 The Object 244 was finally made available for North and South America. Similar to the Soviet IS and T-34-85M, the Tier VI heavy tank has reliable armor and specializes in sharpshooting.
VIII FV1066 Senlac   09.25 The first British Tier VIII Premium light tank in the game! The FV1066 Senlac features a rear-mounted oscillating turret, supported by a super-fast chassis with great top and reverse speed.
VIII TL-1 LPC   10.01 Unveiled near the end of the Tank Festival, the U.S. TL-1 LPC is a versatile Tier VIII medium tank geared toward mid-to-close combat. The vehicle came with a Unique 3D Style: "Pretty Fly," special soundtrack, and members of the acclaimed California punk-rock band The Offspring as the Crew. Fly, indeed!
VI T-34-85 Rudy   10.15 Update 1.6.1 ushered in the Multinational Feature, allowing players to use the same vehicle for more than one nation. As the T-34-85 Rudy was not a new vehicle in 2019, it's the first tank to use the multi-nation innovation and can battle for Poland or the U.S.S.R.
VIII Turtle Mk. I   10.24 The first British Premium Tier VIII tank destroyer in the game! The Turtle Mk. I is a slow-mover — one of the slowest of its Tier and class. Yet it compensates with very tough armor, deep HP pool, and powerful 55-pdr cannon. An excellent companion TD for the Tortoise and FV217 Badger.
VIII M48A2 Räumpanzer   11.01 A bulldozer blade on a tank? Sure, the M48A2 Räumpanzer can level walls to the ground, but this German Tier VIII medium tank can hold its position thanks to a good frontal turret plate and return fire with decent DPM and gun handling.
IX Kampfpanzer 50 t  
11.18 The German Kampfpanzer 50 t Tier IX medium tank was an exclusive reward for Ranked Battles. It has well-sloped armor, great dynamics, and a good combination of alpha damage and DPM; its extravagant design is unusual for German tanks!
VIII M54 Renegade   11.27 The main reward in the Renegade Challenge, the U.S. Tier VIII M54 heavy tank is a natural-born fighter and a true well-rounded vehicle. It perfectly demonstrates its versatility in the most difficult situations on the battlefield. Many vehicles surpass it in specific parameters, but in terms total characteristics, it compares favorably against any tank in the game.
VII Super Hellcat   11.28 A U.S. Tier VII tank destroyer, the Super Hellcat combines a M18 chassis with the M36 tank destroyer turret topped with a 90 mm cannon. The vehicle is awarded to players who have been playing World of Tanks four (4) years or longer.
II AMR 35   12.13  A gift to players at the start of Holiday Ops 2020, the AMR 35 is a potent sharpshooter with excellent accuracy, sweet gun depression, and a fast rate of fire.
VIII E 75 TS   12.13 Some Holiday Ops 2020 Large Boxes include tanks that are new to the game. One of these, the German E 75 TS Tier VIII heavy, features a high Top Speed for its class, excellent maneuverability, and a tough hull to bounce incoming enemy shells.
VIII Object 703 Version II   12.13 Historically, double-barreled tanks rarely even reached the prototype stage. For Holiday Ops 2020, however, we included the twin-cannoned Object 703 Version II in some Large Boxes. The Soviet Tier VIII heavy tank has unique play mechanics and is a formidable presence on the battlefield.
II AM 39 Gendron-Somua   12.13 Some Holiday Ops 2020 Large Boxes contain the first Tier II wheeled vehicle in the game, the French AM 39 Gendron-Somua. The feisty scout is ideal for practicing driving and firing on the move. 
VIII Strv 81   12.23 Historically, the Strv 81 were modified British Centurion Mk. III and Mk. V tanks purchased by Sweden. In World of Tanks, it's a Tier VIII medium that's an unskinned version of the Primo Victoria with a non-Sabaton four-man Crew. It entered the game as a rent-to-own offer with Twitch Prime Care Package Lima.