Update 9.19 is Here!

Update 9.19 is nearly within reach—deploying Wednesday, May 31! Over the past few weeks, we broke down what’s great about Ranked Battles, the new equipment and consumables, interface improvements, and other enhancements on the way. Now, with all these shiny new features implemented, it’s up to you guys to tell us if they take your World of Tanks experience to the next level. But, hey, before you rush into battle, why not go on a quick refresher course?


World of Tanks servers will be down May 31 from 08:00 to 14:00 UTC to get everything in order. Also, we’ll be freezing the Global Map for 24 hours, temporarily closing the Clan portal and cancelling Strongholds battles.

  • For the SD client, the patch size is 380 MB
  • For the HD client, the patch size is 570 MB

Current Premium players will be credited an additional 24 hours of Premium account time to make up for the maintenance period. If you’d like to make any in-game purchases, please wait until the servers are up and running again.

 Click the images below to check out some of the deeper details on each feature.

What's New

 Ranked Battles mode

We’ve all been there: you put in a stellar performance in battle but your efforts don’t necessarily pay off because it takes more than one player to win a match. This is where Ranked Battles mode comes in. In it, you’re rewarded for a great personal performance and can face off against opponents of comparable skill in 15v15 battles exclusive to Tier X vehicles. By testing your mettle in this mode, you can earn a new type of currency, Bonds, which can snag you some rather sweet prizes.

Thanks for your support and excitement around Ranked Battles thus far! With the release of 9.19, we're entering the final stretch of the mode’s development and are inviting you to join us in the Ranked Battles Beta, launching soon after 9.19. It’s a long-awaited, welcome addition we hope you will enjoy while the team continues to monitor and optimize the experience as we march towards release. Consider this Beta a near-finished product that we’re putting in your hands to define potential future adjustments. After going over your feedback and game data we collect during Beta, we might tweak the modes functionality, rewards, and economics.

Stay tuned for more details on the Ranked Battles Beta Season (dates, rules and regulations) coming your way in a matter of days. There’s still plenty of time to refine your skills and get battle-ready. Studying the full guide on the new mode is a nice way to start.

Improved Equipment and Directives

We devised a new way of taking your vehicle’s efficiency up a notch: Improved Equipment and a new type of Battle Reserves, Directives. You can get both with Bonds you earn in Ranked Battles, mount and use in any mode, whether it’s Random Battles, Clan Wars, or tournaments. Improved Equipment provides larger bonuses than their standard counterparts, while Directives enhance mounted equipment, Crew perks and skill efficiency.

Interface Improvements

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve given parts of the UI a facelift. The “Missions” window now has a tab with the full list of battle missions for all vehicles in your Garage, another with all current specials, events, and missions, and one more where you can browse missions and specials for any selected vehicle. Finally, the “Armory” screen now lists all active special offers and sales on the “Specials” tab, so you can always find a great offer.

Small Enhancements

Many players asked for a female voiceover option, and in 9.19 you’ve got it. This new set of voice messages, called “Commander,” can be activated in the sound settings.
Along with this, some of you told us that you didn’t like having to recruit all-female or all-male Crews to benefit from the “Sisterhood of Steel” or “Brothers in Arms” perks. Now, these perks are compatible, and mixed Crews with both get a 5% bonus to the Training Level of each of their members.

As always, we want to offer a big thanks to all those who shared their feedback to help us improve World of Tanks. There’s still always more work to be done, and we want you to head to the forums and tell us about your experience with the latest update.

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