March Sneak Preview: International Women's Day

March includes International Women's Day and St. Patrick's Day, and we've got special weekend events to celebrate both. We've also got some super-secret surprises, so make sure and check back frequently. As for the usual suspects, there are month-long events, On Track Missions, and sweet Premium Shop offers!


  • Feb. 18–Mar. 18 (ongoing): Prime Gaming
  • Mar. 1-5: International Women's Day Community Event
  • Mar. 4: CAVS Watch Party
  • Mar. 11–June 30: Global Map
  • March Month-long Events
  • March On Track Missions
  • March Premium Shop Offers
  • March Weekend XP & Specials
  • Showdown Saturday
  • WoT's Next
Feb. 18–Mar. 18 (ongoing): Prime Gaming

The Big Catch

Prime Gaming: The Big Catch

The name of this month's package speaks for itself. The Big Catch Collection brings a unique Decal, striking Inscription, special Medal, and much more!

Prime Gaming: The Big Catch

Mar. 1-5: International Women's Day Community Event

Share your stories!

Attention female tankers: Tell us why you play World of Tanks and what the game means to you. Sumbissions close on Friday, Mar. 5 at 20:00 PT | 22:00 CT | 23:00 ET for our article on Tuesday, Mar. 9.


Mar. 4: CAVS Watch Party

Movie time!

Chieftain's Armored Vehicle Society (CAVS) is trying something new in March. Join us for a group viewing of the movie T-34, where your comments are the star! Click the button below for complete information:


Mar. 11–June 30: Global Map

Season 16

Get your arsenal ready to conquer the globe! Earn fantastic Emblems, Decals, Camouflage, Personal Reserves, and tons more when the latest Season kicks-off on March 11. Stay tuned for complete details prior to the event.


March Month-long Events

Tournament and Salute Missions

Note: Monthly Tank University missions are on hiatus—stay tuned for when classes resume!

  • Mar. 1–Apr. 1: Tournament MissionsEarn Personal Reserves for completing specific objectives during the month's Tournament matches! 
  • Mar. 1–Apr. 1: WoT Salute Mission. Earn Consumables by completing our month-long special daily mission for WoT Salute members.
March On Track Missions

Add Tier X vehicles to your Garage!

Work up Tech Trees to earn Tier X vehicles! Our On Track missions overlap and each one lasts one month. Players who got the "Igelschnäuzchen" 3D style during Holiday Ops 2019: Play these rare missions to earn the Grille 15!

  • Feb. 5–Mar. 5 (ongoing): On Track to the WZ-113G FT
  • Feb. 20–Mar. 20 (ongoing): On Track to the E 100
  • Feb. 20–Mar. 5 (0ngoing): E 100 Faster Track bundles
  • Mar. 5–Apr. 5: On Track to the UDES 15/16
  • Mar. 5–15: UDES 15/16 Faster Track bundles
  • Mar. 20–Apr. 20: On Track to the Grille 15 
  • Mar. 20–30: Grille 15 Faster Track bundles


March Premium Shop Offers

Noteworthy offers

The Tiger 131 is on sale Jan. 11-25!

March Weekend XP & Specials

Bonus XP and special missions

  • Mar. 6–9: International Women's Day Weekend 
  • Mar. 1215: TOP SECRET!
  • Mar. 1719: St. Patrick's Day Weekend
  • Mar. 26–29: XP Fever Weekend
Showdown Saturday

Can you beat our high score?

Throughout the week, one of our community team members grinds Base XP with a specific tech tree tank. Screens of their Base XP, Team Score, and Detailed Report are posted on our social media channels every Saturday. Beat our score and win rewards!


WoT's Next

New Episodes every Friday!

Join host Cmdr_AF (fresh off Team Clash) for the latest news about all things World of Tanks! Get the lowdown on events, discount offers, special missions, development updates—plus, keep an eye open for exclusive missions, codes, and giveaways in each information-packed Episode.