July Overview: Celebrating Independence Day

July is another packed month, with specials for the 4th of July weekend, Dunkirk-themed Tank Rewards, two On Tracks, an 18-day mission marathon, and much more!

4th of July

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On Track

July 7 – 21:  X AMX 30 B  

July 21 – August 4:  X 121  

Premium Tank Sales

July brings vehicles great and small, including a US tank destroyer and a patriotic French heavy tank!

July 4 – 24:  VII M56 Scorpion   and  VIII M46 Patton KR  

July 13 – 24:  VIII AMX M4 mle. 49 Liberté  

July 20 – 31:  VII KV-122   and  IV T-28E with F-30  

July 27 – August 7:  IV Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f)   

Tank Rewards: Dunkirk

Play several missions based on the historic 1940 battle and subsequent evacuation.

Starts July 7

Weekend Specials

Earn XP bonuses on the following weekends and special days:

July 7 – 10: x2 Crew XP

July 14 – 17: Bastille x3 XP

July 28 – 31: Double Secret x3 XP

T-34-85M Marathon

Eighteen consecutive days of challenging missions. Success can bring a wealth of consumables, Personal Reserve boosters, and other prizes!

Starts July 14

Tank Mastery Missions

Get an “Ace Tanker”* Mastery Badge on the following tanks to unlock a special emblem:

July 7 – 17:

July 14 – 24:

July 21 – 31:

July 28 – August 7: