Shaping the Frontline: The Game Mode Returns!

World of Tanks has passed the first wave of its 1.0.1 Common Test, where everyone got a chance to test the new incarnation of Frontline. For the second Common Test, we’ve decided to alter our approach, based on the assumption Frontline may become more exciting as a time-limited in-game event — with respective mechanics.

For more information on the mode and changes we have planned, please see our “Update 1.0.1 Common Test” article.

Planned to be released as part of the forthcoming update, the “Frontline: Road to Glory” event will offer revised game mechanics, which start testing today as part of 1.0.1’s Second Common Test.

Let’s take a closer look:

Scheduling and Vehicles

“Road to Glory” will be available in the weeks after the launch of 1.01. As in our Common Tests, the release version will be limited to Tier VIII vehicles.

Core Mechanics

The event will feature 30 levels, and passing all of them grants you valuable loot. Now let’s see how it works.

At the end of every battle, you’re given a title identical to a real-life military rank ranging from private to general. The title you receive is based on your performance.

Each title comes with a number of Fame Points that are automatically used to unlock new levels.

Passing each level also yields Supply Points that can unlock and upgrade battle consumables. You can also earn an extra reward that becomes more valuable as you progress.

Second Tour of Duty

If you’d like to relive the experience, you can apply a special “Prestige” option to reset your progression, allowing to travel the war path once again and earn the same rewards. “Prestige” can be used three times throughout the four-week event, meaning you can earn x3 as many rewards.

You can also earn a special reward that includes Bonds. This prize becomes more valuable each successive time you retake the challenge.

Additions to Your Tank Fleet

Unlike the testing stage, where you only have standard tanks at your disposal, Frontline’s release version gives you two rental Tier VIII tanks exclusively for the event.

“Frontline: Road to Glory” has the opportunity to become a challenging and exciting event, and to reach that, some balance and gameplay tweaks may be needed. The current list and value of the rewards you can earn, as well as the currently implemented mechanics, are not finalized and will be fine-tuned as we gather more player feedback and stats.

We’ll be keeping you informed on progress, sharing crucial details; but for now, let’s get down to testing 1.0.1.

See you in battle!

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