February 2022 Preview: Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is Monday, February 14. Love and shells are in the air as February begins with the ongoing Hidden Tiger Challenge and brand-new American Yoh tanks—and that's just for starters! We’ve also got new offers, missions, On Tracks, and more (than what's listed here).


  • Jan. 26–Feb. 17 (ongoing): Vehicle Trade-In
  • Jan. 26–May 26 (ongoing): Referral Program
  • Jan. 28–Feb. 7 (ongoing): The Hidden Tiger Challenge
  • Feb. On Track Missions
  • Feb. Premium Shop & In-Game Offers
  • Feb. Weekend Special Missions & More
  • Showdown Saturday
  • WoT's Next
Jan. 26–Feb. 17 (ongoing): Vehicle Trade-In

Winter Edition!

Got an old Premium vehicle collecting dust? Here’s your chance to put it to some good use: Trade old Premiums for shiny new ones at a reduced price! Get complete details in our dedicated article:

Vehicle Trade-In: Volume 14

Jan. 26–May 26 (ongoing): Referral Program

Season 9

New pools of Premium vehicles are available for Commanders and their Recruits. We also reworked the Recruit progression in the Referral Campaign, rebalanced solo mission #2, and improved several interfaces.

Referral Program: Season 9

Jan. 28–Feb. 7 (ongoing): The Hidden Tiger Challenge

Earn the brand-new WZ-114!

The Hidden Tiger Challenge awards a smashing 2D style, essential equipment, and many other in-game rewards. The main prize is the powerful WZ-114, a brand-new Chinese Tier IX Premium heavy tank with a mind-blowing 3D style that features two states!

Hunt the Hidden Tiger!

Feb. On Track Missions

Add Tier X vehicles to your Garage!

Work up Tech Trees to earn Tier X titans with month-long On Track missions. February features a Soviet tank destroyer, German heavy tank, British medium tank, and a British light tank.


Feb. Premium Shop & In-Game Offers

Specials in February

Feb. Weekend Special Missions & More

Sweet discounts and special missions

  • Feb. 4–20: Winter Sports Celebrations Missions
  • Feb. 8–15: Happy Valentine Missions
  • Feb. 18–21: Crew is Crucial Discounts & Missions
  • Feb. 25–28: Choose Your Difficulty Discounts & Missions
Showdown Saturday

Can you beat our high score?

Throughout the week, one of our community team members grinds Base XP with a specific tech tree tank. Screens of their Base XP, Team Score, and Detailed Report are posted on our social media channels every Saturday. Beat our score and win rewards!


WoT's Next

New Episodes every Friday!

Join host Cmdr_AF for the latest news about all things World of Tanks! Get the lowdown on events, discount offers, special missions, development updates—plus, keep an eye open for exclusive missions, codes, and giveaways in each information-packed Episode.