Love is a Battlefield in February

Love is in the air as February gets off to a rousing start with Team Clash! We’ve also got new offers, missions, On Tracks, and more (than what's listed here)—take a look! Remember: Valentine's Day is Sunday, February 14


  • Jan. 25–Feb. 27 (ongoing): Special Customization Missions
  • Jan. 26–Feb. 18 (ongoing): Prime Gaming
  • Jan. 27–Feb. 21 (ongoing): Twitch Drops
  • Jan. 29–Feb. 8 (ongoing): Team Clash 2021
  • February Month-long Events
  • February On Track Missions
  • February Premium Shop Offers
  • February Weekend XP & Specials
Jan. 25–Feb. 27 (ongoing): Special Customization Missions

Become a Legionary!

In Update 1.11.1, four Italian heavy tanks Tier VII-X joined the game. To help you master these brand-new vehicles faster, play special Random and Grand battle missions that yield four gorgeous customization collections inspired by legendary warriors of ancient Rome.

Battle for Customizations

Jan. 26–Feb. 18 (ongoing): Prime Gaming

Charm Collection

Say farewell to a messed up 2020! Claim our exclusive Prime Gaming drop, the Charm Collection, which is stuffed with a bunch of free instant goodies, including a custom commander, Omelia Hayworth.

Prime Gaming: Charm Collection

Jan. 27–Feb. 21 (ongoing): Twitch Drops

The 5th Legendary

Tune in to any World of Tanks streamer on Twitch and you will be rewarded a fifth set of Legionary customizations through Twitch Drops.

Twitch Drops: The 5th Legionary

Jan. 29–Feb. 8 (ongoing): Team Clash 2021

Pick a Captain and Hit the Battlefield!

Team Clash is an epic battle among popular World of Tanks players! Armies of players led by famous Wargamers and community contributors fight in a special 7v7 mode or complete missions to become the best team and prove their mastery.

Team Clash 2021: Event Guide

February Month-long Events

Tank University, Tournament, and Salute Missions

  • Feb. 1–Mar. 1: Tank University Missions. Earn earn hefty bonus XP in a series of challenges to help you master tank destroyers, light, medium, and heavy tanks!
  • Feb. 1–Mar. 1: Tournament Missions. Earn Personal Reserves for completing specific objectives during February Tournament matches!
  • Feb. 1–Mar. 1: WoT Salute Mission. Earn Consumables by completing our month-long special daily mission for WoT Salute members.
February On Track Missions

Add Tier X vehicles to your Garage!

Work up Tech Trees to earn Tier X vehicles! Our On Track missions overlap and each one lasts one month.

  • Jan. 5–Feb. 5: On Track to the STB-1
  • Jan. 20–Feb. 20: On Track to the AMX 13 105
  • Feb. 5–Mar. 5: On Track to the WZ-113G FT
  • Feb. 20–Mar. 20: On Track to the E 100


February Premium Shop Offers

Noteworthy offers

The Tiger 131 is on sale Jan. 11-25!

February Weekend XP & Specials

Bonus XP and special missions

  • Feb. 5–8: +50% XP; discount on Consumables, Free XP Conversion, and Missions
  • Feb. 1215: ×5 XP; discount on Consumables, Equipment, and Customizations
  • Feb. 1922: ×2 Crew XP and Missions
  • Feb. 26–Mar. 1: ×2 XP and Missions

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