Twitch Drops: The 5th Legionary


Four brave Italian heavy tanks have entered the ranks of World of Tanks with Update 1.11.1 along with unique customizations befitting their heroic heritage. Simply complete special battle missions to turn the new line of tanks into mighty legionaries.

However, there is a 5th Legionary who does not pledge allegiance to a specific nation or tank. These 3 customizations also represent a heroic Roman descendance, but no herculean test or great sacrifice is required to receive these imperial regalia of a loyal soldier. All you have to prove is your patience.

Tune in to any World of Tanks streamer on Twitch and you will be rewarded the 5th set of Legionary customizations through Twitch Drops.

Available on the World of Tanks NA Twitch Channel

Wednesday, Jan. 27—Sunday, Feb. 21


Regular Drops*:

3× Decals:
"Roman Trireme"

6× Inscriptions:
"If You Must, You Can"

6× Emblems:

You can only receive the Regular Drop once during the entire event period. The customization items can be applied to every suitable tank from every available nation.

Tune in to grab these exclusive Roman legionary-themed customization items via Twitch Drops, Commanders!